Stroud Raft Race for Nailsworth Community Workshop and Hands on Harps

Stroud Raft Race   Stroud Raft Race   Stroud Raft Race 2016  

Stroud Raft Race   October 2016 

In conjunction with Hands on Harps Nailworth Community Workshop took to the water this weekend to take part in the reserected Stroud Raft Race - - taking place on the newly renovated canal. Creag did a great job in organizing everything and getting everyone together to build the raft in the workshop. All the items used in making the raft were recycled - the barrels coming from a scrap yard and the wood from pallets donated by Ecohaus. It was a wonderful day with the raft having the second fastest time and first as the best designed raft. Morwenna played her harp all the way around the course and the rest of the team joined in with singing.