Nailsworth Youth & Community Enterprise



The Nailsworth Subscription Rooms are managed on a volunteer basis by the NYCE committee which meets every six weeks. The following people serve on the committee :-

Chair: Jonathan Duckworth
Secretary: Mr Les Haines
Treasurer: Mrs Deirdre Lister
Minutes Secretary: Tracy Shipp
Buildings: Mrs Fern Bratby
Fundraising:  Mr Les Haines 
Health and Safety: 
Buildings:  Mr Fred Ashworth
Committee Member: Mr Iain McIvor
Committee Member: Mr Dave Parker
Community Workshop, bookings and fundraising: Ms Pamela Brown
Tennis Club: Mr Mark Peer
Table Tennis Club: Mr Andy Hammond
Town Council: Mr Jonathan Duckworth


NYCE aims to provide facilities for education, in particular but not exclusively, for young people resident in Nailsworth and the surrounding area through their leisure time activities so that their conditions in life may be improved.