Nailsworth Youth & Community Enterprise


Minutes of Annual General Meeting held at 7.30 pm on 

Thursday 21st November 2019 at Nailsworth Subscription Rooms

 Present: Les Haines (LH) (Acting chair), Tracy Shipp (TS) (Note-taker), Fred Ashworth (FA), Mike Davis    (MD), Mark Peer (MP), Fern Bratby (FB), Deirdre Lister (DL) (Treasurer), Derek Pitt (DP), Jonathan Duckworth (JD), Pam Brown (PB), Sophie Forster (SF)     

 1. Welcome: 

LH welcomed everyone to the annual AGM with a special welcome to Sophie Forster who was attending for the first time.

  2. Apologies:

      Iain McIvor (IM) 

  3. Minutes of Previous AGM  held on 21st November 2018: 

      The Minutes were circulated on the 23rd November 2018 and approved at the committee meeting on the 

      9th January 2019 and later published on our website.

  4. Matters Arising:

      There were no matters arising. 

  5.  Acting Chair’s Report:       

LH saidThe Trustees of Nailsworth Youth & Community Enterprise (NYCE), continue to work to meet its charitable object i.e. the provision of facilities for education, in particular, but not exclusively, for young people resident in Nailsworth and the surrounding area through their leisure time activities. In the reporting year we have successfully worked together to perform the charity’s governance functions, to promote the Subscription Rooms as a first-class public venue and to continue with a major improvement programme which is nearly complete. Trustees are guided by a 3-Year Business Plan (now in its third year) which is monitored through half-yearly reports to committee and they continue to exercise their legal responsibilities by reporting our activities and financial position to the Charity Commission each year.  

  Once again we have been fortunate in keeping the management team intact with just one change in personnel and the Charity continues to benefit from having Town Council and User Group representatives fully engaged as Trustees. Through careful oversight of income and expenditure NYCE remains in a strong financial position even after further investment in the building and its equipment; bookings remain at a high level. We are pleased to welcome Sophie Forster to the team to replace Alice Watson who is standing down.  

  The Safeguarding of all users, particularly the young and the vulnerable, continues to be a priority for Trustees and indeed of the various group leaders and coaches who run classes and sessions on the premises. A number of leaders have received appropriate awareness training and are positively encouraged  to report immediately any matters of concern. No relevant matters were reported in the year in question.   

  In the early Spring negotiations were quickly and successfully concluded with Nailsworth Tennis Club to set the annual rent for 2019/20 and the following 2 years; this brings the rent review cycle right up to date. The Tennis Club is a major stakeholder in the life of the Subscription Rooms and their members maintain the three tennis courts in first class condition. In September the Club was proud to celebrate its 30th Anniversary of involvement on this site.   

  Once again we took part in the Annual Town Meeting / Showcasing event for local organisations in the Town Hall on Saturday 27th April which because of stormy weather had to relocated from the Town Square; our new table-top display boards were put to good use for the first time and the range of NYCE’s activities was explained to interested visitors together with a plea for additional people with practical and management skills to come on board.

  Notably, we planned for and delivered our first Heritage Open Day on 14 September when we had 200 visitors to the building; they were able to hear great singing by the community choir which 


practises here and experience demonstrations of table-tennis, circus skills and tennis, craft workshops, rides on a Bristol vintage bus (formerly owned by the Boys’ Club), comprehensive display stands and a video; excellent refreshments were provided too. The event which was part of Nailsworth’s Heritage Day and the wider UK Heritage offer was considered a great success thanks to plenty of hard work in the planning stages and on the day itself.   

  For about ten years now Trustees have been managing a successful renovation programme and at each AGM we have summarised our achievements. This year has been no exception and the following list gives you a flavour of what has been done:   

  A grant of £10K from Barnwood Trust (realised after many months of negotiation) topped up with our own money, enabled us to install two new WC cubicles, one of which is fully ambulant, on the landing area between the hall and the community workshops; this work required a great deal of preparatory work on the initial funding bid, access requirements and design. The completed  project includes renovation of the roof above, two new double-glazed windows, new doors, plaster-boarding and insulation, hand driers, an  electrical upgrade, lighting, heating, decoration and  flooring inside and on the landing outside. Users are  very happy  with the result.                                                 

  Contractors have also decorated the walls, ceilings and doors of the stairway thus bringing this once very shabby area up to the standard of the rest of the rejuvenated building. This work is especially significant to me because it was the parlous state of the toilets (and no capital available to do anything about it) which led me to the close the youth club here some years ago.

  Extra storage space has been provided in the mini-kitchen and in the cafe/meeting room and new curtains and supporting poles have been fitted in the foyer and upstairs.

  Community Workshops have designed, manufactured and fitted two beautiful oak gates with integral ironwork for the side entrance of the building. This has become quite a feature and backed up by CCTV helps us to reduce trespassing in the grounds. 

  Numerous small working groups were arranged during this year to maintain the grounds in good order, and to carry out tasks such as up-cycling furniture, minor decoration and equipment fitting. 

  In the early summer we took delivery of  80 new chairs in a wine coloured fabric covering and  3 stacking trolleys – for use in the main hall and upstairs meeting room; we have also retained a number of plastic chairs as back-up. Any redundant chairs were removed and re-cycled. In September we also took delivery of 9 blue-coloured folding chairs for the foyer. These chairs are complemented by the up-cycling of existing wooden tables which now have new tops produced by the Workshops and a new paint finish to match the foyer’s decor. 

  Also in September contractors were employed to clean the front elevation of the building from ground level to the first floor Gothic style window – possibly the first clean this area has had. The result is impressive. This clean-up has given us further impetus to begin seeking estimates for work on the exterior stonework and the supporting wall of the platform leading to the side-entrance. We will commission the work to start in early Spring after we have assessed the quotes.

  A brief word on Marketing and Charity Development.  Appropriate material is regularly added to our Facebook page and to our website  Trustees are always looking for new business for the premises and use every opportunity to market it. One notable booking was a big reunion on a Sunday in September for the Clissold family who gathered here from many parts of the world. The early Clissolds were prominent Nailsworth folk who helped to found the Subscription Rooms in 1853. The family asked for and were granted permission to affix a small plaque in the hall to commemorate this special occasion.    

  I mentioned earlier on in this report that we are fortunate in having a settled team of Trustees who 

voluntarily carry out the functions of the Charity and I would like to thank all of them for their selfless 

contributions throughout this year. Hundreds of hours are contributed freely by them and we should never take this for granted. Special mentions are due to Deirdre who keeps our finances in such good order, Fern for her stalwart work on the renovation programme, Pam for bookings, website maintenance and often being our first point of contact, Tracy  for promotion activities and safeguarding, Iain for CCTV and GDPR, Derek for grounds maintenance and fire equipment checks and Fred for buildings advice, plans and photography. Support comes too from the Town Council through Jonathan, our Mayor. Mike and Mark are not only Trustees but have responsibilities for leadership in the Tennis Club and Phoenix respectively as well, similarly Alice who although standing down as a Trustee is still active with School of Larks.


  One word of caution is necessary though. We will need to co-opt 2 or 3 new supporters in the coming year, to get to understand the project and to serve on the Committee and continue this work into the future.

  To conclude, 2018/19 has been another year of solid achievement with continuing high levels of bookings resulting in NYCE’s sound financial position. If you have any questions I will try to answer them. Thank you.”                                 

  6. Treasurer’s Report: 

           DL said “ Income in the last year totalled £33,021.97. A grant from Barnwood Trust was received for 

           £10k. The  income from all sources since I started keeping records is a very impressive 


  In this year, from the last AGM on 21/11/2018, we have spent £27,601.56 (2018 £11,541) on    refurbishment to the building and overheads. There has been £13,353 spent on the toilet area for the Community Workshop and £1,400 on cleaning the outside of the building. We have bought new chairs for £4,275.53. Annual regular rental income is around £22,907.57 (2018 £27k).  Of this £1,680 relates to income from parking.

   Income is down due to the withdrawal of Ruskin Mill. In 2017 - their rent was £6,700 down to £4,892 this year and will be nil in 2020.  It is unlikely that other income will be able to replace Ruskin Mill.  We can expect Annual income next year to be around £20k.

   There is £44,025 (2018 £38,838) in the bank account at the time of writing this report.  I have attached accounts for the financial year to date.    Any further information can be given on request.

Again, thanks to all our partners including:  Phoenix Table-tennis, Community Workshop and Nailsworth Tennis Club.  We also have other user groups this year including Narcotics Anonymous, Choir, Circus Skills, tai chi, box fit, badminton and nia.” 

       DL went on to say that today’s bank balance of £45,288.71 was very healthy; we have lost some 

       users but this has freed us up to enable an even more diverse group of users; although Ruskin Mill no 

       longer hires space for academic classes they still undertake staff training here. She has sent out the 

       accounts but if anyone would like to see any paperwork she is willing to bring it along to a future 


7.   Election of Trustees:

      All Trustees are remaining on the committee with the exception of Alice Watson (AW) who is being

      replaced by SF the nominee for the Circus Skills user group, this year; all members have signed a 

      nomination form to confirm they are happy to serve. LH to write to AW thanking her for her services to 


   8. Election of Officers:

       The following Officers were elected:

       Chair – Les Haines

       Treasurer – Deirdre Lister

        Secretary - Tracy Shipp   

 9.  Resolutions

      No resolutions had been proposed for consideration.

10. Any Other Business

  • MP Thanked LH for all he does for the NYCE Committee. He also reported that the Tennis Club    

            have recently employed a new coach, Joe Walters in succession to Phil Sims.

  • FB suggested we use the Nailsworth News to inform local residents about what we do and that 

            we are a community space; SF agreed saying it was still not widely known and we need to promote    

            ourselves more. JD suggested a regular ‘story’ about the Subscription rooms to highlight what we  

            do, say, on a quarterly basis.

  • JD from the Town Council gave us some future dates: 12/09/20 for next year’s Heritage Day; and 25/04/20 for the Annual Town Meeting. He informed us that Nailsworth had declared a Climate Emergency and the Town Council were looking to see how local businesses could help with this. Ideas included the ‘Repair Café’ being held more regularly. It was also a challenge for everyone to 


engage the youth in the town and any ideas to promote this would be appreciated. The Budgets have been set with only a small increase and there will be new elections in May. He congratulated the Committee on having a successful year and doing a good job.

  • LH highlighted the success of the teams representing Phoenix Table-tennis club and thanked MD  for his long-standing support as he was here as a Boys’ Club member many years ago. 
  • He also thanked everyone for their attendance and closed the meeting at 8.20p.m.






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