2016 AGM minutes


Minutes of Annual General Meeting

Held Thursday 10th November 2016 at 7.30pm

in Nailsworth Subscription Rooms




Committee:          John Rowley (Chairman), Les Haines (Secretary), Deirdre Lister       

                            (Treasurer), Liz Rowley (Minutes Recorder), Fern Bratby, Derek    

                            Pitt, Jonathan Duckworth, Pam Brown, Peter Cluer, Michael Davis


Co-opted:            Tracy Shipp


Apologies:           Fred Ashworth, Iain McIvor


Others present:  Judith Haines, Paul Butler, Jane Butler, Gavin Pond, 

                             Alice Watson (later)


1.    Minutes of AGM 19th November 2015:   Minutes approved by the Committee and signed by the Chairman. 


  1. Matters Arising: There were no matters arising
  2. The Chairman’s Annual Report:  

The Committee of NYCE as a newly established Charitable Incorporated Organisation continues to work to meet its charitable object (the provision of facilities for education in particular, but not exclusively, for young people resident in Nailsworth and the surrounding area through their leisure time activities so that their conditions of life may be improved).In order to meet this object an ongoing renovation and maintenance programme is still being carried out on the landmark building at The Nailsworth Subscription Rooms, Bath Road. 

    The Committee has worked closely together for nearly ten years and additional individuals have brought fresh impetus to the Trustees. It is gratifying to see the changes that have been brought about and I would like to thank everyone concerned for their individual contributions. The Committee will continue to strive to further improve facilities and would welcome people with energy and enthusiasm to join us.

    One of the main focuses this year has been the renewal of the canopy covering the ground floor main entrance. The project is now complete. The original design, provided by Trustee Fred Ashworth, has tied the building together, the new doors and sloping roof matching the workshop. The project has been achieved thanks to a grant from The Gloucestershire Environmental Trust and our own funds. The double –glazed canopy and a wood and glass wall with double doors, has now been completed. This project has much improved the look of the front of the building and also improved the energy efficiency of the ground floor entrance. Further work has been carried out to the side and rear of the building, with new gravelled areas and side door to the ground floor work shop. Improvement work and maintenance will continue to be carried out as and when necessary.

     The range of activities which take place in the building continues to expand. The building is home to Practical Intelligence whose Community Workshop goes from strength to strength. The Phoenix Table Tennis club continues to prosper and Ruskin Mill use our facilities for drama lessons. Two badminton sessions take place each week and there are regular classes for young peoples training in Circus Skills. Throughout the year a wide variety of other groups and individuals hire space. Income from bookings has continued to increase substantially over the last year.

      Thanks must go to Pam Brown for managing these bookings and Lucy, Fern Bratby’s daughter, for creating such an excellent website to promote the facilities. The NYCE website www.nailsworthsubrooms.org.uk is regularly updated and carries information about all aspects of the NYCE work. Usage figures show that it attracts a lot of interest.

    NYCE also publicises its activities through the Nailsworth News to whom we are particularly grateful for their coverage and support.  The Committee is looking constantly to increase publicity and the marketing of the Nailsworth Subscription Rooms. Tracy Shipp has this year been co-opted onto the Committee and is in charge of publicity.

    NYCE has achieved a position of mainly self funding of the maintenance of the Nailsworth Subscription Rooms with rent from the Community Workshop for the lower ground floor and from the Tennis Club providing important sources of income. Many local people over the years have worked hard to safeguard the Sub Rooms, none more so than our current Secretary Les Haines.

      Liz and I have enjoyed our years on the Committee and in that time seen the building improve greatly. I would like to thank the Trustees for their support and friendship; having moved from Nailsworth some four years ago we feel it is time to resign as Trustees to make way for more local support. We feel very positive about the future of NYCE and are sure the current Trustees will continue to move forward. We convey to the Committee all our good wishes.


4.     Statement of Accounts:  

A quieter year this year in general but the front of the building has been improved further with the long planned canopy & porch area.

    We have had a few changes in the Committee since 2015 and further changes are taking place tonight.  At the time of writing this report I am unsure as to what the new Committee will look like but I do know that John and Liz Rowley are standing down.  It has been a pleasure over the last years to be a part of the NYCE and that is down to the people.   John and Liz are brilliant - Liz for her tireless efforts keeping accurate minutes and John for keeping the peace and dampening the fires (sometimes started by himself) at meetings and still managing the fastest meetings in the Cotswolds, along with everything else that comes with NYCE.  We will miss you but hopefully still keep in touch.

    In this year from the last AGM on 19/11/2015, we have spent £19,832 on refurbishment to the building (a total of £175,182 to date since I started keeping the records in 2009). There has been £8,040 spent on porch, £8,396 on front canopy and tree maintenance of £2,540, The annual regular rental income is around £23k (2015 £23k).  We have received a grant to cover the Porch/Canopy of £10,000 from Gloucestershire Environmental Trust.  Everything is a joint effort as you know but Pam and Les have done a huge amount of work to make sure we qualify for grants and that we go through due process to get the awards.  Well done to all involved.

     There is £23,380.37 (2015 £18,082) in the bank accounts at the time of writing this report.  I have attached accounts for the financial year to date. Any further information can be given on request.

     Again thanks to all our partners including: Phoenix Table tennis, Community Workshop, Nailsworth Tennis Club, Circus Skills and Ruskin Mill.  We also have other user groups this year including Narcotics Anonymous, Yoga and the Harp Orchestra. 


  1. Election of Trustees for 2016/17

        John Rowley and Liz Rowley had given notice that they wished to stand down  

         after many years of invaluable service to the charity. Persons present   

         thanked them for their efforts and wished them well in the future.

              Fred Ashworth, Fern Bratby, Pam Brown, Peter Cluer, Michael Davis,   

         Jonathan Duckworth, Les Haines, Deirdre Lister, Iain McIvor and Derek Pitt    

          were re-elected as Trustees.  In addition, Tracy Shipp, who has been with 

          NYCE for a couple of months, has agreed to stand as a Trustee. Tracy was 

          proposed by Les Haines and seconded by Derek Pitt and duly elected. 

          [A list of trustees is attached at Appendix A.]

        Alice Watson [leader of the circus skills group] has also indicated that she 

     would like to play an active part on the Committee as a user representative. 

     She  will be formally invited to the next meeting for this interest to be 



6.       Election of Officers:

      Chair:        Vacant (matter to be followed up at next committee meeting)

      Secretary:  Les Haines

      Treasurer:  Deidre Lister 


7.        Resolutions:

The Charity Commission to be updated with changes to personnel and charity accounts for 2015/16.


8.         Any Questions:

            There were no questions.


            The meeting was formally closed 



 Signed ………………………………………………..


         Name of Chairman ………………………………… 



Nailsworth Youth & Community Enterprise


[Charitable Incorporated Organisation, Registered Number: 1161113]