A Summary of Improvements to the Building and the Facilities we Offer

The Trustees of NYCE who manage the Subscription Rooms have acquired funding and raised income levels in the past few years and this has enabled major investment in the building for the first time since the 1980’s. Completed improvements up to November 2016 include:-

renovation of the large leaded front window of the main hall,
decoration of hall by a work team from HM Prison, Leyhill
installation of new male, female and disabled toilets on the upper ground floor and 
creation of a new entrance hall - thanks to the Frank Arkell bequest,
fitting of a new fire alarm system & provision of new fire prevention equipment,
double-glazing of the main hall to improve sound- proofing and conserve energy, *
insulation of the whole loft space to prevent heat loss, *
purchase of portable raised staging for performances in the main hall,* double- glazing of windows on the lower ground floor, * (* all funded by Gloucestershire Environmental Trust (GET)),
removal of an unusable and unsightly outside store and replacement with usable and essential storage space which has been re-roofed,
complete restoration of garage roof allowing extensive later improvements (GET), hard landscaping & fencing of grounds at the rear of the building (HMP Leyhill team),
the rebuilding of the whole length of Cotswold stone walling on the left-hand boundary of the land next to The Village, partly funded by Nailsworth Town Council and a smaller section on the right hand side bordering a neighbour’s garden,
the complete transformation & fitting-out of the garage including production of new glazed doors, windows, mezzanine floor and balustrade plus electrics & plumbing. This has created additional fully serviced workshop space for craft classes run by our partners, Practical Intelligence since September 2013. This was mainly funded by the Summerfield Trust and Gloucestershire Community Foundation (GCF),
laying of a new tarmac pathway and patio area on the left side of the building leading from Bath Road to the main side entrance, thanks to generous funding received from Gloucestershire County Council’s ComBI Grants Programme: complete replacement of slate roof on rear section of main building and replacement of inefficient and leaking roof gutters to the whole of the building in April 2014,
4 double glazed windows & replacement of flooring in upstairs coffee bar / meeting room

new central heating boiler,
fitting of ceiling- mounted apparatus for use by circus skills members

➢  new lighting in main hall mainly for the benefit of sports teams,
➢  installation of stair lift from lower ground floor workshops to landing (April 2015), funded by the Horsley and Nailsworth Charity and Barnwood Trust,
fitting of 4 double glazed windows on ground floor in foyer and washrooms (May 2015),
fitting of 2 secondary glazed windows on upper stairway and above foyer entrance
(also May 2015),
with financial help from Sport England, Nailsworth Tennis Club opened up a 3rd court with new surfacing, flood-lighting and perimeter fencing in April 2015; this major project supports the Club’s aim of increasing the number of players, particularly young people, taking up the sport,
in the Spring 2016 further levelling off and gravel landscaping was carried out in two areas, namely, behind the workshops annexe and between the rear of the premises and the tennis courts. This work greatly reduces the grounds maintenance burden,
Thanks to further funding from Gloucestershire Environment Trust and NYCE’s own financial contribution the latest phase of our refurbishment programme has been the removal the unsightly old asbestos and iron porch canopy at the front right hand side of the building. This was replaced with a bespoke glazed canopy, double doors and frontage. New drainage was also necessary to accommodate the new design; new lighting was added later. This together with new stonework surrounding the porch and the old cinema entrance enhances the building’s appearance greatly. Site preparation commenced in October 2015 following Local Authority approval and work was finally completed a year later,
in October a new glazed door was installed behind the workshops annexe into the main craft- working area and at about the same time the rainwater gutters and pipes on the workshops annexe were replaced to match the rest of the building and a water butt added.

Les Haines, Trustee and Charity Secretary, November 2016