Reports, Minutes & papers

Minutes of NYCE Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 21st July 2021 

at 7.30pm at Subscription Rooms


       Present: Les Haines (LH) - Chair, Fern Bratby (FB), Pam Brown (PB), Fred Ashworth (FA), Deirdre 

       Lister (DL),  Andy Hammond (AH),  Mark Peer (MP), Tracy Shipp (TS) - Minutes, Derek Pitt (DP), 

       Dave Parker (DPa)


       Apologies for Absence: Jonathan Duckworth (JD),  Iain  McIvor (IM), Simon  Wade (SW)

       LH welcomed everyone to the meeting – the first held in the building since last September.

Notes of Previous Meeting (conducted on Zoom) on 12th May 2021: 

These were agreed by the committee. Actions: LH to sign; PB to put on our website

Matters arising: none

  1. Covid- 19 Related Issues:
  1. The Committee assessed the re-opening arrangements in line with the Government roadmap  and agreed to  manage risks as needed, but  to have more emphasis on washing hands and new posters to reinforce general health requirements. Action: PB/ LH for extra posters
  2. Cleaning update (FB, PB); this is being done x 3 mornings per week, everyone agreed to keep to this arrangement as it was working so well. Action: Further review at September meeting 
  3. Finance:
  4. The Current financial position reported by DL as treasurer is approx. £ 55K on account;
  5. The Committee approved the accounts for 2020/21 previously circulated by DL on the 5th July 2021. Action: Accounts to be forwarded with statutory Charity Report to the Charity Commission after our AGM in November; 
  6. The latest news on utilities:  

The Gas and Electricity accounts continue to work well as we are now on a metering system;  

Water: the complaints against Waterplus have resulted in financial compensation but due to the difficult complaints procedure and poor administration FB will report the problem to the ombudsman.  Action: This was agreed by all.   

  1. Building Works / Grounds:
  1. Update on recently completed / ongoing works (FB): Darren has painted the back wall and cleared the rubbish (this rubbish has now been taken to the recycling centre by LH), put a weather bar across the door in the attic, pointed up brickwork and put on a damp seal. PB reports that the wood feature in the hearth in the refurbished workshop space will be finished this summer; Frampton Consultants have completed the replacement plastering in that front room (at no cost, of course);
  2. The results and recommendations from the roof structure survey by chartered engineer Don Hughes have been received and circulated to Trustees. FA and LH met him today (21st July) to reflect on the report; FA explained to Trustees with the help of visual aids that work needed to be carried out in 4 areas (truss and steel plates); see plan already circulated by email; there are no costings yet, but the Trustees agreed in principle to proceed subject to:- Actions: LH to confer with Circus Skills to ascertain their future commitment to the venue; FA to submit drawings and investigate pricing;
  3. Meeting also discussed other potential works viz. ladder access to loft from meeting room,  a wider walkway  and some lighting in the roof space for both access and safety;  AH asked if we could  investigate air circulation in the main hall / loft space; original hatches/vents and pipes may be still there; funding bids are available for ventilation upgrades (Covid). 

Action: all agreed for FB, FA and LH as a project team to pursue with further enquiries. Update since meeting: the project team have arranged to meet a company representative on site on 11th August to scope the ventilation works; 




  1. Working parties were completed on the 14th June, 12th and 15th July (LH, DPa); future dates to be determined by them; 
  2. A replacement blind for the middle window of the viewing gallery over the hall has been purchased by FB and installed by LH and DPa.


  1.   Updates from User Groups:
  1.   Tennis Club  -  MP reported that Nailsworth TC has four teams playing in the county Leagues: 2   

         Men's and 2 Ladies. All teams are doing well and will stay in their current leagues into   

         next season (unless promoted). Ladies A are in Div 1A, Ladies B in Division  2B, Men's A 

         Div 3A and Men's B Div 4B.  Men's A remain unbeaten and with games in hand, should 

    be  promoted. All teams play in strong competitive leagues. The club also has well supported club  

     sessions, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoon. 

    They are currently looking to re-surface the courts spring time next year. Various surfaces are 

    being looked at and costed. Tarmac as they are now, Astro, and a new synthetic grass product  

     called 'Tiger Turf'. A tarmac re-surface and spray will cost close to £20k. No costs known as yet 

     for alternative surfaces. They have applied for a 'Sport, Clubs in crisis' grant which could be up to 

      £2K. The criteria is to actively encourage tennis play, in particular 'deprived'  areas, supporting 

     coaching and engaging in areas with individuals offering the chance to play. A good chunk of this 

     will be for the coach who will outreach to areas and engage with individuals who may not 

     consider  joining clubs for various reasons. They are not confident they will qualify as funds are 

      limited and may go to more deserving areas. Will expand on this further if they are   

      successful with their bid.          

                Shrub maintenance- north side of courts. MP asked ‘Who is responsible for cutting back the 

                shrubs that are growing through the tennis court fencing?’ Request clarity over maintenance.  

                 Action: NYCE owns the sloping land outside the fencing; LH suggested that NTC inform IM 

                 (as his property adjoins this land) as a common courtesy and tell him when the cutting back is to 

                 be done.

 Monkey Nuts! A resident in the new flats constantly feeds monkey nuts in their shells to wild birds. The birds are taking them and dropping the shells over the courts, on roofs, into gutters and gardens. The lady in question lives in the lower corner flat. This activity causes nuisance and is annoying and members have to keep clearing up the mess. 

Action: Committee agreed it was a nuisance and would help to speak to her.

  1. Phoenix Table-tennis - AH said it has been a challenge in the last few months as Covid measures have reduced hours and numbers. Monday 26th July is the AGM, where the Stroud League will determine if the league continues in September, so will know more going forward.  They have entered 2 teams in a national competition - one in the junior league and one team of veteran players, putting them on the national stage. The cost is £600 - 800 to enter partially paid by players and subsidised by the club.  From Monday the Friday coaching for juniors will resume and on Saturday they are opening up to all and hope to attract new players. 
  2. Circus Skills - no report but classes are busy and summer school is about to start.
  3. Community Workshops – PB reports they are finished for the summer, numbers have been deliberately kept down a bit; work on the front room will continue in the holidays. They have taken on a mature new apprentice, from Paganhill, who wants to give back and learn new skills, eventually starting his own Men’s Shed in Paganhill.  FB asked how it would be funded - PB said partially by the workshops who would fund the teaching, topped up with a grant from Barnwood Trust and a private donor.


  1. Health & Safety / Fire Equipment Update:
  1. Condition of fire-fighting equipment: a  check was done at the end of June by SW and July’s will be done soonest (post-meeting note: done 26 July);
  2. County Fire Service Inspection on 26th July where LH, PB and SW will be in attendance for a full inspection of the building, a look at training, drills, equipment and documentation. PB acknowledged the great detail LH had already put into the documentation already i.e. a 20 page Fire Safety Assessment. LH expected that training would be a weakness in any feedback.

(Post- inspection feedback – many positives but when the Fire Service report is received it is expected to highlight some gaps in training for building users / record-keeping and



some signage deficiencies plus a need for a self-closing door fitting on the upstairs meeting room door.)


  1. Safeguarding:
  1. No safeguarding reported issues since the last meeting.


  1. Annual Town Meeting:

Nailsworth Town Council has notified community groups about this year’s event on Saturday 11th September at the Town Square. It will follow a similar format to previous years (none in 2020 because of  Covid).

Actions: NYCE agreed to attend and LH, DPa, FB and FA are available. LH will share his time with the Probus stand; he will book a place with the Town Council.


  1. Any Other Business:
  1. Nailsworth News article about how the Sub Rooms coped in the pandemic was published in the June edition; 
  2. IM reported some time ago that he has arranged payment of the annual data protection fee to the Information Commissioner’s Office for our use of CCTV for security monitoring;
  3. DP said that he wished to formally resign as a Trustee although he wished to remain as a supporter of NYCE and to help out if asked and as appropriate;

Generous thanks were then given to DP as he has been an active member of the committee for over 10 years, with special responsibility for fire safety and as a very active work party member. DP values his connections with the Sub Rooms and his fellow Trustees and everyone wishes him well for the future.

Action: LH will notify the Charity Commission about this Trustee resignation. 

  1. On a more positive note, DPa was asked whether he would be happy to be nominated as a Trustee at the autumn AGM and he replied in the affirmative.


  1. Schedule of meetings for remainder of 2021:      

1)   Next meeting - 7.30pm Wednesday 8th September

2)   7.30pm Wednesday 24th November AGM; followed by a Committee meeting for any urgent 



The meeting concluded with refreshments.



















NYCE-TLH/TS 27.7.21