Reports, Minutes & papers

Nailsworth Youth & Community Enterprise

Minutes of Committee Meeting held at 7-30 pm on Wednesday 24th October 2018

at Nailsworth Subscription Rooms

Present: Les Haines (acting Chair), Deirdre Lister (Treasurer), Pam Brown, Fern Bratby, Mick Davies, Derek Pitt, Pete Cluer

Apologies: Jonathan Duckworth, Iain McIvor, Tracy Shipp, Alice Watson, Fred Ashworth  

Welcome: Les thanked attendees for agreeing to the postponement of two weeks until this evening

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting of 5 September 2018:

The Minutes having been circulated on 6th September were accepted as an accurate record. 

Action: Pam to add the Minutes to our website  

  1. Matters Arising which are not on the Agenda:
  1. Pam said that the two posts for the new wooden side-gates have been fitted and work progresses to finish the job; 
  2. Working Parties: further sessions have been conducted to deal with the buddleias and (inside) fit new curtain poles/curtains/blinds; 
  3. The town’s Nailsworth in Bloom effort was rewarded with a Silver Gilt award; it is the Trustees’ intention to maintain our small front garden in attractive condition going forward; Pam said that the Workshops were in dialogue with the NIB organisers following their request for the production of some flower planters for next year’s participation in the competition; 
  4. Safeguarding – no issues have been brought to attention since our last meeting; 

Action: the motion-sensitive lighting leading to the side entrance is faulty. Fern to speak to John Hammond to check it out.

  1. Finance:

Deirdre has recently circulated up to date accounts for the Charity. With all recent expenditure factored in, particularly the decoration of the cafe/meeting room, flat roof repairs and the final mini-kitchen purchases,  there is £35,237K on account. Further room hire income is also awaited.

Les thanked Deirdre, Fern and Pam for their efforts in getting this work executed by various contractors in good time and on budget. Pam pointed out that the provision of lockable storage spaces for Ruskin Mill’s special requirements has secured their continuing partnership with NYCE when hitherto there had been a question mark about it.   

Bookings Update:

  1. Pam reported a continuing healthy situation with new bookings from Tai Chi, creative writing and Non Impact Aerobics groups; the Spanish class is to re-start; two children’s parties are lined up prior to Christmas.  
  2. Business Plan Monitoring:

Les has compiled and circulated a list of the Charity’s achievements during the six-month period 1st April to 30th September (Appendix C attached); this continues our charting of the progress of the 3-Year Business Plan (2017-20) and is the 3rd report thus far.            Action: Trustees accepted this summary.

  1. Building Works / Grounds:

i)  The flat roof over the intended new toilet block has been stripped back and replaced with new 

     waterproofing and timbers; remedial work was also carried out on the surrounding coping stones; the  

     work has been completed well and the contractor has been paid;

     Since the last meeting we have received positive news from Barnwood Trust about their grant for 

     the toilet facility (news previously circulated); they now require an updated costings schedule which is 

     currently being worked; the schedule will include reference to a new ceiling with insulation, decoration of 

     the room plus surrounding stairways, 2 toilet cubicles and sanitaryware for ambulant disabled use, plus 

     double-glazed windows; Fern has established from SDC’s Building Control that as the intended work is     

     merely the replacement of an old facility no special permissions are required.    

     Action: Fern, Pam and Les to work on the new design and costings for forwarding to    

     Barnwood in time for their December grant panel meeting (insufficient time remains for their     

     November meeting)

 ii) The cafe/meeting room walls have been completely stripped, restored and re-painted in white;  

     the hole in the ceiling above the kitchen has been repaired and all ceilings re-painted; the skirtings have 

     been re-varnished. The work was quite challenging but all are happy with the results; new curtains plus 

     wooden poles (4) and venetian blinds (4) have been purchased and are in the process of being fitted;

  1. Repairs are required to the door to the loft above the kitchen as rainwater ingress is believed 

Responsible for the hole in the kitchen ceiling; at the same time the ceiling above the upper stairway will be repainted; the waste-water pipe from the cafe kitchen sink has been taped to prevent leakage;

  1. Fred and Derek have looked at and reported on the redundant chimney stack; the stripping of the 

      adjacent interior wall-covering in the cafe suggests that ingress of rainwater is no longer an issue in that 

      part of the room but re-pointing of the brickwork will be needed; three quorns on the outer corner also 

      have weather damage. The downpipe in the workshop courtyard area remains an issue in wet weather  

      Actions: (i) Mike to look at the stonework early in the New Year unless there is any obvious 

      deterioration in the meantime (ii) Les to ask Ray to look at the downpipe        

  1. The development at Tanner’s Piece is well underway with heavy equipment digging footings on site. 

      Fortunately, a wooden fence has been erected along the tennis courts boundary line to provide 

       partial screening. Later the site plans will include the planting of two trees. Some members of the 

       tennis club (NTC) would like a low level planting scheme in that zone with costs shared between NTC 

       and NYCE. Trustees support this idea.

       Action: If the NTC committee gives the go ahead for this Pete will confer with us again      

  1. At least two more working party sessions will be arranged for November – Les, Derek, Fern;  
  2. Our financial position now allows us to do some serious research into the purchase of new stacking chairs for the hall and storage racks. The red plastic ones currently in use have served us well over the past 30 years but are difficult to store; if replaced they will be recycled to a new ‘home’; most of the grey ones of even older vintage have already been recycled

Action: Les and Fern to research designs, costs and providers and report back     

  1. Reports from User Groups: 
  1. Phoenix Table-tennis Club: Mike says that the League teams have made a steady start to the season with the ‘C’ team doing particularly well (lying 3rd) in Division 1. The Club is happy with the current arrangements and facilities on offer at the Subscription Rooms; 
  2. Tennis Club: Pete reports that the club currently has 80 Senior and 40 Junior members; the Juniors are playing more frequently and more coaching for them is taking place; he has recently undertaken training in the use of a defibrillator and it has been suggested that the installation of one would benefit users of the site; the cost needs to be explored and whether that could be shared amongst all users. Trustees thought it was a positive move which should be researched in more detail – it could be subject of a grant application to the Town Council; 

Action: Pete will explore this issue and draft a short paper with some firm proposals           

  1. Circus skills: No report for this meeting;
  2. Workshops: Pam reports that SGS College’s new class of 12 students is doing basic woodwork as an introduction to the building industry (two hour sessions per week); the recent Comedy Night was very successful and raised a further £300 which will go to Mundee School in Zimbabwe to assist orphans pay for their school fees; the recent grant has enabled the purchase of other much needed equipment such as an efficient air conditioning system and sanding and precision jigsaw machines.    
  3. Fund-raising:

No action required on this at the present time.

  1. Health & Safety / Fire Safety Inspection:
  1. Derek reports that the fire extinguishers have been checked and are in order;
  2. Fern and Les will soon be arranging to meet our insurance broker, Paul Baldwin, on site to walk around and re-evaluate the current insurance risks in preparation for the next policy renewal on 4 January. 

Action: F and L

10.   Publicity and Website Update:

      i)  Pam says that she has done some website updating as requested at the last meeting; 

      ii) Tracy has put new information on our facebook page but would still like more material;

      iii) Posters for our AGM on 21st November have been displayed, Nailsworth News has been informed and 

           the website also carries the Notice. 


  1. Les has recently given a talk to Nailsworth Valley Probus about the development of the Sub Rooms.       

 11. Any Other Business:

  1. Fern’s interesting idea from the previous meeting of ‘a support group’ for young women is yet to be actioned;
  2. Les circulated a Trustee nomination form at the meeting. As far as we are aware only Pete is seeking to stand down at the AGM and he is actively looking for another member to represent the tennis club; it was agreed that some refreshments will be made available at the AGM;
  3. The idea of arranging a dance to coincide with Valentine’s Day was mooted, without any firm conclusions.

Action: Does anyone fancy taking a lead on this idea?    

12. Date of Next Meeting:

  • 7.30pm Wednesday 21st November - Annual General Meeting 
  • The meeting schedule for 2019 will be arranged by the Secretary in November     CIO Reg No: 1161113



Appendix C

NYCE Business Plan 2017 – 2020

Third 6-monthly Monitoring Report: 1st April to 30th September 2018

What we have done in this period:- 

Section 3.3 Maintenance of Building and Grounds

  • Completed the decoration of the main hall (including both sides of the newly installed fire doors) to match the work undertaken by the same contractor in 2017
  • In the stairwell space leading up to cafe/meeting room installed a new mini-kitchen including a sink with hot and cold water, work surfaces, cupboards, floor covering, movement- sensitive lighting and a new fridge; also added a wall- to- ceiling cupboard and two separate storage areas under the stairs. This work allows greater flexibility of use of the upstairs space and gives essential storage space for Ruskin Mill and Phoenix downstairs
  • Completely re-decorated the cafe / meeting room including repairs to the ceiling in the kitchen section; new curtains and curtain poles have also been purchased 
  • Ten working parties were arranged throughout this period to maintain the outside grounds in good order and to enhance the small gardens; other voluntary help was given by Trustees for improvements inside the building  
  • Front garden planted with shrubs and flowers partly in support of Nailsworth’s participation for the first time in the Britain in Bloom project and to improve the image of the building  
  • Performed monthly fire equipment checks and repaired and tested the building’s fire alarm system
  • Community Workshops purchased metal storage cabinets, re-configured bench space and replaced the transparent plastic roof of their outside courtyard work area; they have also fitted a mini-kitchen to replace their outdated existing one
  • The mini kitchens in the stairwell and the workshops were partly enabled by the careful recycling of redundant units from properties due for demolition at Tanner’s Piece and were subject of negotiation between Trustees and the owners of the properties, Stroud District Council   
  • Trustees continued to engage with Barnwood Trust and their appointed access advisor with a view to funding a scheme to create a new toilet facility between the lower ground and ground floors; the constraints of the building preclude installation of a fully disabled facility at that location and Trustees are pursuing the installation of an ambulant enabled facility instead 
  • Replaced defective pipe-work in gent’s WC
  • Both Gas boilers serviced and landlord’s certificates provided

Section 3.5 Marketing and Charity Development

  • Added further material to our Facebook page
  • Maintained and updated our website  
  • Took part in the Annual Town Meeting for local organisations held in the Town Square on 28 April; new A3 promotion flier handed out and information about NYCE’s activities was shown on display boards
  • In this monitoring period the Charity has given extra emphasis to current Safeguarding best practice and the subject is now a standing item at all committee meetings 


Section 3.6 Finance and Income Generation

  • The Charity’s finances are in a healthy position at the end of this half year monitoring period even after the investment in the building described at Section 3.3 has been accounted for
  • New groups have made bookings and our long-standing clients have either maintained or increased their level of usage; currently the weekly bookings schedule looks like this:-

      Monday:       Ruskin Mill; Circus skills; Badminton; Phoenix table tennis;   

                          Strings Group  

      Tuesday:      Circus skills; Choir; Badminton; table tennis 

      Wednesday: Circus skills; Non-Impact Aerobics, Harp orchestra; badminton  

      Thursday:     Circus skills; Tai Chi, Spanish class; Ruskin Mill; Singing group, 

                            writing group

      Friday:           Ruskin Mill; Circus skills; Table tennis

      Saturday:      Table tennis

      Sunday:         Circus training; NA

  • This bookings schedule has also allowed room for other room-hire for one-off events such as parties / celebrations /meetings.