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Nailsworth Youth & Community Enterprise


Minutes of Committee Meeting held at 7.30 pm on 

Wednesday 23rd October 2019 at Nailsworth Subscription Rooms


 Present: Les Haines (LH) (Acting chair/notes), Tracy Shipp (TS), Fred Ashworth (FA), Mike Davis (MD) ,

 Mark Peer (MP)       


 Apologies for absence: Fern Bratby (FB), Derek Pitt (DP), Jonathan Duckworth (JD),   Alice Watson (AW), Pam Brown (PB), Deirdre Lister (DL), Iain McIvor (IM)


  1. Minutes of Previous meeting of  11th September 2019: 

      The Minutes having been circulated by e-mail on 12th September were accepted as a true record. 

      Actions: LH as Acting Chair signed the Minutes; PB to be asked to add them to our website


  1. Matters Arising which are not on the Agenda: 
  1. Heritage Open Day 14 September - all agreed this was a great success; we carefully planned for and delivered our first open day of this nature which resulted in 200 visitors; they were able to experience singing by the community choir which practises here, demonstrations of table-tennis, circus skills and tennis, craft workshops, rides on a Bristol vintage bus (formerly owned by the Boys’ Club), comprehensive display stands; excellent refreshments were provided too. The event which was part of Nailsworth’s Heritage Day (and the wider UK Heritage offer from 13-22 September was a great success); PB represented NYCE at the debrief meeting and Nailsworth Town Council is likely to engage again next year but NYCE may prefer a bi-annual involvement (to be determined at future meeting); LH paid tribute to the hard work of the team both beforehand and on the actual day. He thanked TS for the loan of the large display stand from her school (recently returned by us); donations from the bus rides and refreshments enabled us to send a donation of our own to the charity that runs the vintage bus.    
  2. As MP was present the meeting again discussed the installation of a defibrillator on the outside wall to the left of the side door – an idea first suggested by the Tennis Club; he has learned from enquiries carried out that no financial support is available from Nailsworth Health Partnership or the British Heart Foundation. Various prices have been obtained ranging from £800 to £1200; electric power will also be required at a cost. The Tennis Club and Phoenix are willing to part- fund the installation to the tune of £300 each.      Action: a part contribution will also be sought from members of the badminton group, Circus School and community workshops and NYCE will make any difference. This item can now progress with MP to confirm which kit is best suited  

3.   Finance:

  1. DL had circulated  the latest accounts by email reporting that we had current assets of £45, 055.21;  
  2. LH said that the Annual Accounts and Annual Report will be submitted to the Charity Commission in 

            good time by DL and LH.


4.     Building Works / Grounds:

        1)  PB has volunteered to take over the area of the grounds behind the workshops courtyard 

             space and create a small garden; this will not only make the space much more environment- 

             friendly but also lessen the maintenance tasks for LH and DP; in preparation for this there has 

             been some cutting back of shrubs and removal off site recently;

         2) On Monday 28th FB, LH and FA will meet with a contractor with a view to drawing up a spec. 

             to repair the worn out stonework of the building exterior especially on the east and north 

             elevations; 3 quotes will be required and FA supplied  the name of one qualified contractor.


 5.     Updates from User Groups:

         1)  Tennis:  MP reported that on 28 September the Club celebrated 30 years connection with the 

             Sub Rooms following its formation in 1989.  Club members came together for refreshments 



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             and happy reminiscences. He said that most of this period was remembered as a very positive 

             experience although he also recalled the lowest point when there was the threat of the building 

             and land being put up for sale which for a while led to total uncertainty for the future of the Club. 

                 MP also said that long-standing coach, Phil Sims, would be standing down from his coaching 

             role  soon- Phil had been with them for many years. His replacement is being recruited and he 

             expects the new coach, Joseph Walters, to be in post soon. 


         2)  Phoenix Table-tennis: MD said that the 9 teams have started the season well in 4 Divisions 

              of the League and the A team has done especially well in the early part of the season in 

              Division 1; more players have been signed up; a number of young players are being coached at 

              County level. MD paid tribute to the hard work and organisational skills of his colleague Andy 



6.     Bookings:

        A brief note had been received from PB (not present) to the effect that bookings were holding up well;

        Ruskin Mill continues its association with us by booking a further 2 days training here at half term. 



7.    Safeguarding:

        No issues have come to notice since the previous meeting in September. Gill Price is the Tennis 

       Club’s lead person for safeguarding, as is Cliff Jordan for Phoenix and TS for NYCE.  


8.    Monitoring of 2017-2020 Business Plan:

       LH has today circulated his latest monitoring report for the period May to September highlighting the 

       recent progress and achievements of the Charity. He has since noted two omissions which will be 

       rectified in an amended  version.

       Action: LH to circulate amended version soonest 


9.    Health and Safety/ Fire Equipment:

       Latest report awaited  from DP.  


10.  Annual General Meeting 2019:

  • This will be held at 7.30pm on Thursday 21st November 2019 in the upstairs meeting  room
  • LH to prepare a Public Notice of the meeting for circulation and. TS to arrange publication on the public notice-board  at the Civic Centre and to add an entry on our Facebook page,  PB to add to our website and to put notices up in the building;
  • We have had welcome news to the effect that Sophie Forster from School of Larks is happy to represent them in succession to Alice Watson who will formally stand-down at the AGM;
  • All present this evening are happy to continue in office into 2010 and LH to check on the other Trustees’ intentions and drew up a nomination sheet;
  • Other volunteer is still welcome;
  • LH said that he intends to stand down as Acting Chair at the AGM and this will require a successor to be appointed;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
  • Refreshments will be available (LH to arrange)


11.   Any Other Business:

  1) The large reunion of the Clissold family on 29 September went very well and as a permanent  

       reminder of the event the family asked for and were granted permission to fix a small plaque in the 

       main hall.  

  2) LH reported that it had recently come to notice that in recent weeks motor vehicles have been 

      driven onto and parked on the grass- covered section of the lane which leads from Bath Road 

       to  Park Road Crescent. No authority has been granted or will be granted for any motor vehicle    

      on this section of the lane. This has already caused damage  to the surface compounded by the 

      recent period of wet weather, namely compaction of the ground and wheel rutting. Furthermore, it is 

      also known that at least two people have in the past few weeks slipped heavily onto the ground 

      because of this wear and tear. 

      Actions: Howard Price, neighbour has volunteered to erect a wooden post to deny access; 

      LH has drafted a letter to be posted through our neighbours’ letter-boxes explaining the 

      problem and seeking their cooperation.


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12.   Date of Next meeting:      


        Annual General Meeting – 7.30pm Thursday 21 November 2019


       The draft schedule of meeting dates for 2020 will be circulated soon








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