Reports, Minutes & papers

Nailsworth Youth & Community Enterprise


Minutes of Committee Meeting held at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 9th January 2019 

at Nailsworth Subscription Rooms


          Present: Les Haines (LH) (acting chair/notes), Deirdre Lister (DL) (treasurer), Derek Pitt (DP), 

          Tracy Shipp (TS), Pam Brown (PB), Iain McIvor (IM)   

          Apologies for absence: Jonathan Duckworth (JD), Fern Bratby (FB), Fred Ashworth (FA), Alice 

          Watson (AW), Mike Davies (MD)

          Welcome: LH welcomed attendees to the first meeting of the new calendar year


  1. Minutes of Previous meeting of 24th October 2018 

The Minutes having been circulated on 27th October were accepted as an accurate record. 

 Action: PB to add to our website after ‘go ahead’ from LH 


  1. Matters Arising which are not on the Agenda: 

     (i) Completion of new side gates - Item 2(i); Trustees were delighted to see the completed gates in 

         situ – they are testament to the skills of the Men’s Shed craftsmen; payment for the materials 

         used and a donation for the work have been made to the Workshops;  

         Future action: when the next phase of works i.e. toilets is finished, Trustees agreed to 

         arrange a suitable ceremony with invited guests/supporters to celebrate the improvements 

         to the building;    

     (ii) Security lighting to side entrance - Item 2(iv); IM reported that he will endeavour to replace a 

          defective spotlight on the CCTV system in the next few days;  

    (iii) New stacking chairs for hall and portable storage racks – Item 2(vii); LH reported that some 

          enquiries have been made about what is available on the market considering style (folding or 

          fixed), colour to complement the existing hall decor, cost (target price per seat is about £30 inc. 

          VAT) and number. When selecting the storage racks account will be taken of the height of the 

          doorway into the designated storage area. Provisionally, Trustees thought that 120 chairs should 

          be purchased.      

                Action: further research by FB and LH with results brought back to Trustees for final 

                decision. The redundant plastic chairs will be dispersed between Ruskin Mill, the 

                enterprise in Wotton which had the grey ones, the tennis club (if they want a few) and 

                some will be retained by NYCE.    


  1. AGM 21st November 2018:

(i) The Minutes of the AGM (circulated 23rd November) were considered and approved by Trustees;

     Action: to be added to our website by PB after ‘go ahead’ from LH;    

(ii) Trustee Nomination: Nailsworth Tennis Club – following the retirement of Pete Cluer a vacancy 

     has occurred; LH has written to Pete thanking him for his contribution to the work of the Charity 

     during his period in office. Mark Peer has notified that he is prepared to represent NTC for the 

     next 12 months and hopes to attend the next meeting;    

(iii) LH and DL have completed the necessary work for our Annual Return and Accounts and the 

      Charity Commission website was updated on 5 December along with Trustee amendments and 

      personal details as required by CC. 


  1. Finance:

(i)   Current financial position – DL has circulated the latest Profit and Loss Accounts and we 

       currently hold about £41K with some minor bills to pay;

      (ii) Renewal of Insurance for 2019: following a walk-through the building with our insurance broker 

           FB has renewed the policy w.e.f. 5 January at a good price;

      (iii) Debtor Control – there was a brief discussion about prompt invoicing of users; generally the 

            system works effectively with only occasional late paying; PB and DL agreed to communicate 

            frequently to expedite invoices to improve the situation even more;     

      (iv) The Tennis Club lease is due for renewal w.e.f. 1 April 2019:   

            Action: LH, FB and DL will confer and look again at the conclusions of last year’s 

            settlement before invoicing NTC’s (new?) treasurer. 



  1. Bookings Update:

PB reported that the Pure Pop choir only did one session then moved on; there are no new bookings but all of the previous have rebooked; there has been a recent request to hold an 18th birthday party here -  

  1. Building Works / Grounds:

(i)  Confirmation of Barnwood Trust grant for refurbishment of toilets and decoration of stairwell; LH  

     re-iterated the news received before Christmas (since confirmed in a letter); the next step is for 

     FB and LH to meet with their Housing and Community Spaces Facilitator, Tanya Kirby, on 14 

     January to draw up and sign a Funding Agreement; the award is confidential at this stage

     Once the Agreement is signed, a number of contractors (5) who have provided estimates will be 

     instructed to proceed; when the toilets are completed the stairway, walls and floors will be 


      Action: DP suggested that we should look at covering the concrete steps in a wooden 

      finish. Others agreed that this was worth researching regarding costs and suitability. 

      Action: DP to do some research in liaison with FB

            (ii)  Repairs to coping stones of roof above doorway leading to front exterior flight of steps - this is 

                  necessary because in wet weather some ingress of water has been noted – Ray is lined up for 

                  this job on 10 January and the work will consist of fitting new stones and membranes; 

            (iii) Repairs to the access door to the loft have been done with the fitting of a new weather-bar and 

                  next it will re-varnished (Darren);

      (iv) Additional cupboard space in the upstairs kitchen under the counter for Ruskin Mill’s sole use – 

            Darren hopes to start this work in the next week;

      (v)  Works to repair chimney, weather-damaged quorn stones -– on hold until March (MD);

      (vi)  Set date for next working party – DP and LH will confer for a date late January / early February;

      (vii) A report has been circulated (7th January) summarising all the improvements/ repairs /new 

             build on the site in the past decade since a comprehensive buildings survey was commissioned 

             in 2008; 

            Action: Trustees to comment to LH if anything obvious has been omitted   

      (viii) The Cotswold stone retaining wall of the platform leading to the side entrance is crumbling in 

             some places and patched up with red brick in others; 

             Action: It was agreed that the work should be done; estimates will now be obtained   

      (ix) The side entrance has not got any shelter from the elements; this may be a good time to rectify 

              this with a small canopy which will give some weather protection for arrivals at the door;

              Action: It was agreed that the improvement should be done; estimates will now be 


       (x)  The over-spilling downpipe into the workshops courtyard has been cleared /repaired;  

       (xi) A fresh request has emerged from conversations with the badminton users, that NYCE should 

              consider a ventilation system in the main hall – the double-glazed windows which are never 

              opened and the loft installation cause a lack of through-draught which in time could result in 

              surface damage to the wall and ceiling decoration.

              Action: Although at this stage there is not unanimous support for installing a venting 

              system, the costs of such will be researched and reported on (LH and FB)  


  1. Reports from User Groups: 

(i) Phoenix TT: in the absence of MD, IM reported that the club was doing very well with extra   

     persons engaged; Andy Hammond and David Hadley are starting Junior introductory sessions    

     from 2 – 3.30 pm on Sundays; Sam McIvor is Under-15 and Under-18 County Champion; 

     members are also competing in Cirencester and Bristol competitions;

(ii) Tennis Club: No report; Mark Peer has promised to provide one next meeting;

(iii) Circus Skills: No report;

(iv) Community Workshops: PB updated - numbers of attendees are holding up well; Nailsworth in 

      Bloom has commissioned them to make 5 x wooden planters for placing at the 5 gateways into 

      the town and the work started on 8th January; Hobbs Bakers has commissioned them to make 20 

      display boards for bread sales for their 20 outlets – they will be made from recycled oak kitchen 



  1. Safeguarding (Standing Item):

No safeguarding issues have come to notice since the last meeting. 



  1. Health & Safety / Fire Inspection:

 Derek reported that the fire extinguishers are in working order.


  1. Publicity and Website Update:

 (i) Website: PB has kept this up to date

     (ii) Other promotion – TS said that she continues to update facebook – often with news from Phoenix 

      TT; all agreed there would be plenty to publicise once the new works are complete. 


  1. Any Other Business:

AW is hoping that Sophie Foster will consider joining the committee.


  1. Schedule of Meetings for Next Six Months:

7.30pm Wednesday 13th February 2019; Wednesday 27th March;  Wednesday 1st May;

 Wednesday 5th June; Wednesday 17th July; then break to September