Reports, Minutes & papers

Nailsworth Youth & Community Enterprise

Minutes of Committee Meeting held at 7-30 pm on Wednesday 5th September 2018

at Nailsworth Subscription Rooms

Present: Les Haines (acting Chair), Pam Brown, Jonathan Duckworth, Fred Ashworth, Fern Bratby, Mick Davies, Derek Pitt, Tracy Shipp, Pete Cluer

Apologies: Deirdre Lister (Treasurer), Iain McIvor, Alice Watson 

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting of 10 July 2018:

The Minutes having been circulated on 16th July were accepted as an accurate record. 

Action: Pam to add the Minutes to our website  

  1. Matters Arising which are not on the Agenda:
  1. Pam said that following the summer break the new wooden side-gates should now be completed and installed in October;
  2. Working Parties: five have been accomplished since the last meeting - on 11 July, 20 and 21 August and 3 and 5 September - for various tasks in the grounds, gardens and interior; the big buddleia encroaching on our neighbours’ property has been cut down and removed off site; 
  3. Nailsworth in Bloom was judged on 11 July at a time of high temperatures and no rainfall – the judges’ results and comments are expected later in the month. The small front garden with its flowers looks attractive
  4. Safeguarding – no issues have been brought to attention since our last meeting. It is noted that Phoenix and the tennis club have appointed welfare officers. 

      Action: Pam will have a conversation with Circus skills about their arrangements and it is 

      understood that Alice is DBS checked.

  1. Finance:

No accounts produced for this meeting but with recent building and decoration costs factored in we have about £38K in hand.  

Action: Les to ask Deirdre to circulate current accounts  

  1. Bookings Update:
  1. Pam reported a healthy and increasing demand for space summarised here:-

Monday:       Ruskin Mill; Circus skills; Badminton; table tennis; Strings Group  

      Tuesday:      Circus skills; Choir; Badminton; table tennis 

      Wednesday: Circus skills; Harp orchestra; Badminton  

      Thursday:     Circus skills; Spanish class; Ruskin Mill; Singing group

      Friday:           Ruskin Mill; Circus skills; Table tennis

      Saturday:      Table tennis

      Sunday:         Circus training; N.A.   

      NB: some of these bookings either all day or for more than one session per day.

  1. The Clissold family (an old Nailsworth family who had connections with the building in its earliest days) are looking to have a big reunion in September 2019 and are already making plans.  
  2. Also in the pipeline is a possible booking by a NIA (Non Impact Aerobics) group.      
  3. Building Works / Grounds:

i)  Refurbishment of toilets / Barnwood Trust Grant : Les reported that a meeting had been held    

      on 25 July with Jane Toplis who is acting for Barnwood to give disability access advice about 

      our proposal. Her long report was eventually received a few hours before this meeting by Fern, 

      Pam and Les. Although there has been little time to digest the contents there are clear 

      recommendations in the report for us to consider and act on.

      Jane’s recommendation concludes ” I fully support the upgrading of the WC facilities, which 

      will benefit ambulant users of the community workshops, in particular the wide range of users,  

      including those with learning, cognitive and sensory disabilities. I therefore recommend that the 

     WC facilities in this instance are not wheelchair accessible, but are designed for ambulant 

     disabled people.

      My Alternative Proposal would install two unisex cubicles within the former men’s WC, one a 

      standard cubicle and one an ambulant disabled WC cubicle, as shown on the plan in Appendix 

      1.This will greatly enhance the WC facilities for users of the workshops. 

      In the long-term my recommendation is that a unisex wheelchair accessible cubicle is installed 

      at lower ground level, but this should be part of a future long term building project”.

      Considering these statements, Trustees decided to pursue the ambulant description and    

      because of safeguarding concerns raised by the Workshops management will stick with the one 

      cubicle option.

      Action: Les to thank Jane for the report and also forward it to Barnwood’s representative, 

      Tanya Kirby, with the Committee’s views (about the one cubicle); he will seek her 

      comments on what to do next to commence the works and establish how much money is 

      available (after the fee for Jane’s work is deducted). 

ii)  Mini-kitchen and extra storage under stairs: remarkable progress has been made and 

      we now have kitchen units, cupboards, sink and work tops installed; plus built-in storage space 

      under the stairs (in two sections) for use by Ruskin Mill (for costumes and props) and Phoenix 

      table-tennis plus a high cupboard (for Ruskin solely); the new storage will enable Phoenix to 

      take all their small equipment downstairs; the floor has been re-covered; the radiator has been 

      moved to a better position; electric sockets and movement- sensitive lighting installed; a small 

      under-counter fridge is on order and is due next day; some spoons, tea-towels and mugs and 

      kettle have been purchased; Fern has been re-imbursed where appropriate; one of the fridges 

      upstairs is worn out and will be removed. 

      Members expressed thanks to Fern for getting this project completed using various 

      contractors and within the agreed budget

iii) Decoration of main hall: this work was completed last month by the same contractor used last 

       August, i.e. K. Rodway and partner - in good time, at the agreed estimated price and with no 

       detrimental effect on activities.

iv) Decoration and upgrading of cafe/meeting room: estimates have been obtained for the 

       repairs, stripping down the walls and decorating. A very competitive price has been accepted 

       and Darren will start the work on 6 September. 

       New curtains, rails and some furniture are also to be acquired. The white wardrobe currently 

       in the foyer will be moved upstairs.

       Additional Action: Mike noted that there has been dampness in this room believed to be 

       from the obsolete flue which runs up one corner. Fred / Derek will look into this (also see 

       item 5 viii) below*).    

v)   Improvements to Workshops: Pam reports they also have been very busy during the 

       holidays; the roof over the courtyard has been replaced with stronger and better transparent 

       panels; a new kitchen has been installed (also with units recycled from Tanner’s Piece); new 

       heavy duty metal  storage units have been purchased and installed and work benches replaced 

       or re-positioned. The extra space created by the Harp producers moving out has been utilised 


vi)  Next working party – Derek, Fern and Les will confer regarding the next working party 

       once the cafe has been re-decorated. Outside, the smaller remaining buddleia bush will be 

       trimmed in the winter. 

vii)  New chairs for hall – still on hold. 

viii) Blocked gutters / downpipe: Pam reported that during heavy rainfall water cascades onto the 

        new roof of the courtyard. 

        Action: Fred/Derek to get this checked out *. 


  1. Reports from User Groups:
  1. Phoenix Table-tennis Club: Mike says pre-season practice is in full swing with the League 

      season starting on 24 September; 9 teams will be involved with 3 of them in Division 1; Andy  

      has arranged for a former England player (now a coach) to lead 5 hours of coaching sessions 

      for up to 10 players;       

  1. Tennis Club: Pete reports that the club is doing well with 3 ladies’ and 2 men’s teams in the County League; their recently-recruited coach will continue his work through the autumn. Sam McIvor and John Ramsbotham, both 14, have qualified as apprentice tennis coaches under the PTR (Professional Tennis Registry) Scheme – see Pete’s item on this in September’s Nailsworth News; the Club is again looking at raising the height of the fencing on the east side of the courts to prevent stray balls; demolition of the houses at Tanners Piece is well underway and no negative impact on the Club has been noted thus far; the work had a 3-week interruption because of a gas pipe problem but has now resumed.   
  2. Circus skills: No report for this meeting
  3. Workshops: Pam having already reported on the infrastructure improvements says they are looking forward to the new term which starts 10 September; SGS College is providing a new class of 12 students for woodwork instruction; all previous groups are starting back again; an extra tutor has been recruited for 4 hrs per week for 15 students; a 17 yr old female apprentice will start full time; the production workshops is going well but having sold all its existing output will now set about making more items.  


  1. Fund-raising:

Les said there are no fund-raising initiatives in the pipeline and because of our healthy financial position none will be started in the immediate future.


  1. Health & Safety / Fire Safety Inspection:
  1. Derek reports that he has recently arranged for all the fire extinguishers to undertake their annual fitness inspection. The job was completed satisfactorily at a cost of £89.
  2. Fern now has all the required fire certification on file;
  3. Before the next insurance renewal is arranged Fern and Les intend to get the broker on site to walk around and re-evaluate the current risk. 

9.   Publicity and Website Update:

      i) Jonathan notes that some pages on the website need updating and Pam will look at this; 

      ii) Tracy has been putting new information on Facebook but still requires more regular material;

      iii) Tracy and Les to confer regarding publicity for our AGM on 21 November – posters, Nailsworth 

            News and TIC.

        10. Any Other Business:

  1. There is a blockage in the outlet plumbing in the gents’ WC – Clive Bashford has assessed the problem and should be able to fix it the following day;
  2. The security light outside the side door is not working. Fern to ask Jon to investigate.
  3. Fern came up with an interesting idea which Trustees were keen to research further viz.

‘a support group’ for young women to assist them with matters such as money management, cooking, access to services, mutual support, introduction to the existing facilities on offer in the building, et al.

Action: this autumn Trustees to work with Fern to scope this suggestion – resources available, needs, networks etc. – with a view to an early 2019 start if deemed feasible. 

Contact with Tracey Young at the Youth Club to be part of that research. 

11. Dates of Future Meetings:

  • 7.30pm Wednesday 10th October; 
  • 7.30pm Wednesday 21st November (Annual General Meeting) – apologies from Fred     CIO Reg No: 1161113