Reports, Minutes & papers

Nailsworth Youth & Community Enterprise (CIO No: 1161113)

Minutes of Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 28th March 2018

at 7.30pm at Nailsworth Subscription Rooms (downstairs room)

Present: Les Haines (Acting Chair/ notes), Tracy Shipp, Pam Brown, Deirdre Lister (Treasurer), Fred Ashworth

Apologies: Jonathan Duckworth, Fern Bratby, Pete Cluer, Alice Watson, Iain McIvor, Mick Davies, Derek Pitt

Everyone was very pleased to see Fred back and in good form after his recent hip replacement surgery 

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting of 21st February 2018:

The Minutes having been circulated on 25th February were accepted as an accurate record. 

Action: Pam to add the Minutes to our website  

  1. Matters Arising which are not on the Agenda:
  1. Pam reported steady progress on the new wooden side-gates and was able to show off one of the completed ones which impressed everyone;
  2. Derek and Les had carried out inside and outside tidying up tasks on 5 March including work on fluorescent lamps in the foyer, gutter clearance and removal of users’ detritus; on that occasion our friendly neighbour, Howard Price, offered to bring his ladders and climb up to close a 4/5”gap in the roof guttering above the cafe windows. We are very grateful for this free service; two other working parties have been carried out since by the same team including removal of extraneous metal fittings off the rear wall such as the old Sky satellite dish and bell;
  3. Arrangements for the Annual Town Meeting on 28th April are progressing; Jonathan has promised to get more photographs for the display; Pam will do likewise and provide some finished products; she will ask Alice about doing a skills performance; Derek and Les to put the display together in the next 2 weeks; Tracy and Derek will represent us on the day and of course other Trustees are welcome to call in;
  4. Safeguarding – no issues brought to attention since our last meeting;
  5. The Postcode Lottery – after enquiries we established that they do not fund projects such as new toilets; we are therefore looking elsewhere (see Item 7);
  6. Les has fitted two new clothes hooks in the gents WC following a request from some users.     


  1. Finance / Governance:

i)  Deirdre has circulated by e-mail her up to date accounts; she stated that there is £26,710.00 in our account after all bills have been paid; 

      ii) Review of Nailsworth Tennis Club Rent: 

     Les reported that negotiations with NTC through Pete Cluer have concluded satisfactorily.

     It was established that in recent years, partly because of the protracted nature of the lease  

     Renewal process, the 3 - year reviews of rent had not taken place in a timely manner (no fault of 

     NTC); they felt they needed to pay outstanding arrears to bring their rent up to date for which 

     NYCE is grateful. The next scheduled review is early 2019 for the following 3 years. This will put   

     the review cycle back on track. Deirdre to invoice them for the figure agreed. 

iii) Deirdre is yet to conclude the lease renewal for the Workshops but will now undertake this  

      task. Les and Fern to assist if required.

iv)  Les reported that all the necessary reports for 2017/18 for the Charity Commission had 

      been submitted online.       

  1. Bookings:
  • Pam reports that bookings continue to look healthy;
  • Nailsworth Amateur Dramatic Society had booked a number of sessions for read-throughs;
  • recently there was another children’s party with an entertainer;
  • table-tennis are booking a fourth session again namely, Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturday mornings.
  1. Building Works / Grounds:
  2. stairwell/ lighting: Pam is very pleased with the sensor operated lighting in the stairway;  
  3. new disabled toilet in the storage area (old gents WC): Since the last meeting a much more favourable estimate for the main body of work has been received from a contractor known to us; 

estimates have been or will be obtained for lighting, safety flooring, roof repairs and heating; currently the thinking is that it will cost about £10K. Decoration and heating for the landing are part of the project. 

  1. working parties: no date set but Derek and Les will confer regarding the next one in April; 
  2. The fault which made the gents WC unusable has been repaired.
  3. Reports from User Groups:
  4. Tennis Club: No report this time. 
  5. Phoenix Table-tennis: Mike has briefly reported outside the meeting that everything is going well as the Stroud winter league comes to its conclusion.
  6. Circus skills: No report from Alice. 
  7. Workshops: Pam reports that all sessions are going well with plenty of students although because of holidays there are few classes this week; there was a SCAPS class on Monday when silverwork is done. A soon-to-be-married couple will be making their wedding rings; Hands on Harps whose business is increasingly successful will soon be moving out to new premises. 


  1. Fund-raising:

Les and Pam have approached Barnwood Trust with a view to them funding the toilet project and a site visit with their representative, Tanya Kirby, took place on 15 March; the upshot is that NYCE has been invited to bid for a grant. The plan is to ask for about £10K dependent on final costings; the application form is mostly finished and we have set a target submission date of 16 April.

Action: Les and Pam to complete bid; Fern to complete costings from miscellaneous contractors 

  1. Health & Safety / Fire Safety Inspection:

i)  Derek carried out his monthly inspection of the fire safety equipment on 27 March;

ii) it is reported that the fire alarm system has now been satisfactorily checked out by Jon.   

9.  Publicity and Website Update:

     i)  Tracy has loaded further new photos and information onto our Facebook page;

     ii)  Derek is looking to get a new more colourful image for the ‘advert’ flier that he and Tracy are 

          producing; he has made enquiries about printing 15 x A4 copies for the Library, TIC etc. and     

          40 x A5 copies for handouts at the Town meeting and other opportunities.  

          Action: Expenditure estimated at about £15.20 approved.

10Half-yearly Monitoring of Business Plan 2017-20:

       Les has summarised in a circulated Monitoring Report the achievements of the Charity in the 

       period from September 2017 to March. Members agreed with the contents which are now attached 

       to these Minutes as Appendix B.  

       Action: The next report will be due at our September meeting; Les: diary entry 

 11.   Any Other Business:

         i) Tracy has been speaking with other Nailsworth people about starting a new Art Project 

       involving the community which will create new pieces of art and signpost existing art; and then 

       the project will map out the art and promote it for the benefit of visitors and residents. Tracy asked 

       whether NYCE would wish to back the project and for her to be our nominee to help drive the 

       project forward. 

       Action: Unanimously agreed; Tracy to keep us updated and enlist our help as required.   

 12. Dates of Future Meetings:

  • 7.30pm Wednesday 9th May
  • 7.30pm Wednesday 20th June (Trustee required to chair as Les will be abroad)