Reports, Minutes & papers

Nailsworth Youth & Community Enterprise

Minutes of Committee Meeting held at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 27th March 2019 

at Nailsworth Subscription Rooms


          Present: Les Haines (LH) (Acting chair/notes), Deirdre Lister (DL) (Treasurer), Derek Pitt (DP), 

          Tracy Shipp (TS), Pam Brown (PB), Fred Ashworth (FA) 

          Apologies for absence: Jonathan Duckworth (JD), Fern Bratby (FB), Alice Watson (AW), Mike 

          Davies (MD), Iain McIvor (IM)   

          Welcome: LH welcomed Mark Peer (MP) as the new Trustee representing the Tennis Club user 

          group, replacing Pete Cluer who stood down at the AGM and who has been thanked for his 

          contribution to this enterprise. 

  1. Minutes of Previous meeting of 9th January 2019 

The Minutes having been circulated on 11th January were accepted as an accurate record with the addition under item 5 bookings of the words “ but it had been declined in line with our previously agreed policy of not having such age-related events because of noise and nuisance and to avoid alcohol being supplied to underage persons”.

Action: PB to add the amended version to our website


  1. Matters Arising which are not on the Agenda: 

     (i)  New stacking chairs for hall and portable storage racks : LH reported that he and FB had 

           continued their research which led to an approach to the Church Buying Group. He showed the 

           meeting a chair and fabric samples he had collected from the factory in South Wales which 

           makes them. The advantages of this chair are that it is lightweight, does not have to be folded, is 

           comfortable and can be stacked and moved on small manoeuvrable trolleys with brakes;             

           limited storage space and door heights are key factors. A competitive quote has been received 

           from the Group for 80 chairs @ £39.57 and 4 trolleys @ £132.50. Unfortunately, this is all 

           subject to VAT at 20% giving a grand total of £4,434.53.  

                 Action: (i) The chair type was approved; FB and LH to decide on a red fabric seat covering 

                 to match the decoration in the hall. 

                 The redundant plastic chairs will be dispersed between Ruskin Mill and the enterprise 

                  in Wotton which had the grey ones and 20 will be retained by NYCE.  The tennis club has 

                  no space for any more.   

  1. Finance:

i)   Current financial position: DL has circulated the latest Profit and Loss Accounts and we 

      currently hold £51,929.67 on account; 

    (ii)  The grant from Barnwood Trust has been received and part of that sum has already been 

           used to pay some early invoices from the builder;   

    (iii) Debtor Control – DL and PB report that current arrangements are generally working well with 

           just one hirer to be chased;     

    (iv) The Tennis Club lease is due for renewal w.e.f. 1 April 2019; as we were fortunate in having MP 

           (Chair of the Club) at the meeting we were able to successfully negotiate the new rent for 

            2019/20 using Consumer Price index data from the past 3 years to settle on the figure of £2.6K; 

            this will also be the figure for the following 2 years in line with the lease’s 3-year review cycle. 

            The nominal sum previously included for occasional use of the WC facilities by members was 

            waived at the same time.  

            Action: DL will immediately invoice NTC’s treasurer for the sum agreed to conclude 

            the transaction by month’s end.  

    (v)   Business Rates: following dialogue with SDC, FB and LH have provided them with evidence 

           about the charitable work undertaken here; the result is a continuance of NYCE’s Business 

           Rating of 0%.  

  1. Bookings Update:

Ruskin Mill has ceased the drama group sessions w.e.f. before Easter (citing low numbers etc.); 

as some recent extra costs had been incurred for creating additional storage space LH has sought


an appropriate level of compensation from them which has been agreed; we have ‘kept the door

 open’ for them to renew the partnership in the future; Ruskin will still use the premises for training courses; they have removed all their equipment from the building, freeing up some space;

the Low Impact Aerobics sessions have ceased; a month-long circus group residency is taking place for a fee of £500 (see also the item at 5 (vi) on fixing points). 

  1. Building Works / Grounds:

(i)  Progress report on new toilets project - work commenced in late February and good progress is being made under FB’s monitoring as project manager; Darren the main contractor is liaising with the electrician Jon at key stages; there has been a workaround to overcome potential problems with dampness*; 

           (ii)   Access door to loft – the work is part complete i.e. secure watertight but requires painting;

           (iii)  Works to repair chimney, weather-damaged quoin stones – job still on hold for inspection 

                  by MD when available;

     (iv)  Update on recent working parties: DP & LH did outside clearance on 26 February, FB & LH 

             did interior tidy-up on 6 March and front garden work on 10 March; DP & LH to confer 

             regarding date of next working party; 

      (v)  Fitting of canopy over side entrance and renovate Cotswold stone retaining wall – LH has 

             obtained one estimate for the wall and has arranged for another on 28 March; DL has the name 

            of another stone-waller to ask. Ongoing – LH will report back findings;

      (vi)  Fixing points in main hall for circus school equipment – about a week ago following a request 

             from AW for this user group, 3 metal fixing points were fitted in the hall close to the walls, 

             sanctioned by LH & FB; they are firmly bolted through the floor joists and done in this way 

             because the walls themselves were not robust enough. AW has been informed that foam 

             covers are required to prevent a trip hazard and they will be fitted next week.   

      (vii) Decoration and finishing of stairway between hall and workshops: the decorators who we 

              used for the hall is on stand-by to come in once the toilets are finished; the work already 

              sanctioned is the decoration of walls and ceilings; he has also priced separately for sealing and 

              painting the surfaces of the concrete stairs and 3 flat sections @ £600; DP has researched the 

              feasibility and costs of a vinyl covering for them @ approx. £3K; potential dampness mentioned 

              at 5(i) above* is a consideration   

              Action: work to decorate the walls and ceilings to proceed once the building work is 

              complete; decision on the finish of the concrete steps to be deferred until the 

              decoration is done to see whether it is necessary or not.      

      (viii) The request for research into a ventilation system for the hall has not yet been   


6.   Reports from User Groups: 

 (i) Phoenix TT: in the absence of MD, LH noted that the Stroud News is reporting that Phoenix C  

     has won Division 1 of the Stroud League; we hope to have fuller report at the next meeting;  

 (ii)Tennis Club: MP reported – “Membership renewals due at end of this month, aware that 7 are  

     not renewing, although we have 2 new members so far; membership is around 70 with 34 juniors 

     or mini-juniors with special rate to try and encourage them to play.

     Small court was power wash cleaned and moss treated last week at a cost of £410.

     The club room needs replacing and we are looking at a replacement building, around £3k-£4k.    

     Need to disconnect the power supply and meters etc. (and re-connect in the new build).

     Our own water supply would be ideal, however the cost may be prohibitive.

     There will be fencing replacement needed on certain parts of the courts.

     The re-paint of the 2 main courts which cost over £4K in 2018 should see us through another 

      year, then we are looking at a re-surface, costs including VAT will be around £20K. That may  

      well be next year. The expenditure will wipe out our funds.

      3 coaches still operate on site – Phil Sims co-ordinates the other 2 coaches, Paul Bennett 

      coaches senior members and Steve Perry takes the Sunday junior classes.

      We have a fully qualified Welfare Officer in Gill Price and our insurance is through the LTA 

      included in the annual affiliation fee of £300.

      3 ladies’ teams and 2 men’s teams will compete in the county leagues this summer; we also 

      have 2 winter mixed teams and a ladies over-60’s team.

      There are 8 of us on our committee, each having our own responsibility; I’m very lucky to have 

2       such a good voluntary committee. Lease expires 30th March 2031.”

       Acting chair thanked MP for his comprehensive update. 

 (iii) Circus Skills: No report this meeting;

 (iv) Community Workshops: PB updated - numbers of attendees are holding up well; Nailsworth in 

      Bloom’s commission for wooden planters for placing at the 5 gateways into the town is 

      progressing well; home-educated student numbers are increasing; Rotary has booked silvercraft 

      workshop sessions. 

  1. Safeguarding (Standing Item):

No safeguarding issues have come to notice since the last meeting. 

8.  Health & Safety / Fire Inspection:

(i)  Since the last meeting FB has moved our fire alarm servicing arrangements onto a firmer footing by utilising Stroud Alarms; this has resulted in a comprehensive survey of the fire sensors and controls, replacement of 2 defective batteries in the control box and the signing of a new contract for call out and maintenance arrangements; 

(ii) DP reported that the fire extinguishers are in working order.

  1. Publicity and Website Update:

 (i) Website: PB has kept this up to date

     (ii) Other promotion – TS said that she continues to update facebook;

     (iii) The Annual Town Meeting is on Saturday 27 April – as last year there will be a marquee in the 

           Town Square; our expected invitation from the Council has not been received but LH will chase;

           attendees – TS, DL, DP, LH; others to inform LH if they are also available that morning; 

           Action: DP and LH to meet on 12.30pm Friday 5th to make some initial preparations;

     (iv) LH suggested and all agreed that we should plan for an open day at The Sub’s to celebrate the 

            conclusion of our (almost) 10 year renovation programme; elements could include an ‘opening 

            ceremony’ by a VIP, invitations to our grant providers,GRCC and Town Council, taster sessions 

            by our user groups, an open invitation to the general public including our close neighbours, light 

            refreshments, advance publicity, the tennis club could arrange coaching; a suitable date would 

            be Saturday 14th September   

            Action: this will need a small working group to arrange properly. Volunteers please to LH, 

            for more detailed debate next meeting 

     (v)  PB said that hirers often ask ‘what else goes on in the building?’   

           Action: PB and LH to write up an easy-to-read schedule of activities for display

  1. Any Other Business:

(i) DP suggested that the frequency of meetings could be altered to every 6 weeks as management 

    has proved it can function satisfactorily through tasks being performed between meetings and 

    through the effective use of email circulations. Others agreed. 

    Action: Secretary (LH) to arrange accordingly after the already agreed meeting dates i.e. 

    from September

(ii) PB said that the poor state of the workshop floor needs to be assessed to ascertain what repairs 

     are  needed.

      Action: PB to confer with Gavin and report back to committee what exactly needs to be 


(iii) The drawing mechanism for the curtains over the big hall window is sticking and they   

       cannot be opened properly. 

       Action: When the decorators are on site they will be asked to use their long ladders to 

       rectify the problem, LH 


  1. Schedule of Meetings for Next 3 Months:

  Wednesday 1st May;

  Wednesday 5th June; Wednesday 17th July; then break to September  

Charitable Incorporated Organisation reg. no.1161113


Signed...     TLHaines         Acting Chair;  Date............. 1 May 2019