Reports, Minutes & papers


Minutes of Meeting held at the Nailsworth Subscription Rooms on

29th June  2016 at 7.30 pm


Present    John Rowley (JR) Chair        

                 Mike Davis (MD)

                 Liz Rowley (LR)            

                 Fred Ashworth (FA)

                 Les Haines (LH)            

                 Tracy Shipp (TS)

                 Heather Nicholls - Minutes            


Apologies:    Iain McIvor,  Jonathan Duckworth,  Peter Cluer,  Dierdre Lister,

                       Fern Bratby, Pam Brown 


1.  Minutes from the previous meeting were approved.  There were no matters arising from the minutes.


2.  Bookings

JR read a report from PB to the meeting as follows:

‘I have good news as I was told yesterday that Ruskin Mill want to carry on using the hall next year.  It is yet to be fully confirmed and signed up and until then we should be cautious but I have hope.  Thursday evenings in the hall will change in September with no table tennis but an hour and a half of adult circus skills instead.  The Narcotics Anonymous have set into their weekly rhythm every Sunday evening in the Café bar.  I am meeting someone tonight who wants to set up a pop up café for a couple of evenings upstairs and someone else on Thursday who wants to run some story telling courses in the summer.’

A discussion followed with regard to the pop up café.  It was unanimously agreed there was a need to establish more details before confirming this booking.  

3.  Building Works/Garden Work

JR read building/garden work reports from PB as follows:

‘The building inspector, Andy Nicholas, came out on Monday to look at the porch and was very happy.  The only input he had was that the door and lower two panels at the side should be toughened glass.  He will come out when we have finished and sign it off.  Andy is the building inspector who came out for the garage and he was very supportive.’

‘I have to say that last week was not an easy week with the two men who came to do the work by the tennis courts and outside the workshop.  Fern and I had various conversations with them, not all of them easy.  I would like to request a conversation about the work at the next meeting when Fern and I will be present so we can assess it all.  In the meantime, the bottom of my side door is falling off.’

JR confirmed the intention to replace the side door.  A discussion followed on the porch.  Various options were discussed and LH expressed concern about security issues.  Lighting options were also discussed and JR felt a permanent light outside the building would be a good idea.

FA pointed out the downpipe and meter on the outside door in the new porch needed attention. However, all agreed that the new canopy was a great improvement, thanks to MD’s efforts.

MD also reported that the wastepipe in the sink in the top room is in poor condition.  The pipe emerges by the fire escape and will be a plumbing job at some point.

4.  Report from Workshop

JR again read from PB’s report as follows:

‘We have ordered two more storage benches which will be delivered next week and are in the process of appointing our Technician, both of which have been made possible by the latest grant we raised.  Our last day of term is 15th July and students will be back on 5th September.’

5.  Table Tennis Club

MD confirmed that Thursday meetings had been dropped due to poor attendance.  The club had lost eleven players from last season for various reasons.  However, eight teams had been registered for the coming season and MD felt optimistic that numbers would pick up again in the future.

6.  Fund-Raising

LH confirmed that a cheque had been passed to DL for £8,300 from GET for stone products and the double glazed canopy.  A further £1,700 was to be claimed from GET when the appropriate bills are to hand.  GET had been assured that once the work was completed, TS, as media person, will write something for the press along the lines of …’Thanks to the generosity of GET, together with in-house fundraising…….etc.’

7.  Finances

DL not in attendance.

8.  Any Other Business

Soil Disposal

Forty large bags of soil remained at the side of the building.  A discussion followed on options for disposal of these bags.  It was agreed that JR should contact A1 for a quote to remove the soil.

Lavender Bushes

LR had been given lavender bushes by a neighbour and LH confirmed he had also sourced bushes for planting outside the building.  A short discussion followed on where and how these would be placed. 


FA said there were several gaps in the stonework needing attention.  MD said there was stone left over which could be used to fill in where necessary.

Charity Commission Website

LH confirmed that the website had been updated with Trustees’ details, together with memories from one of the old members.


TL asked whether she needed to get PR approved before putting it on the website.  JR confirmed that she should email anything to the committee initially, for their comments.  TL said she hoped to get something in the Nailsworth News in September.

FA asked whether circus skills are given a special rate for their use of the building.  LR agreed to ask PB before the next meeting and report back.  LH felt the committee needed to review the payment of all groups of users in the near future, to establish whether payments need to be amended.  

JR reminded those present that a Circus Skills Show was taking place at the week-end.


LH confirmed that a plaque had been commissioned from CR Signs for £45.  Contact details had also been added to the plaque.


Next Meeting:  Tuesday 23rd August.  (NB amended date from agenda)