Reports, Minutes & papers

Nailsworth Youth & Community Enterprise

Minutes of Committee Meeting held at 7.30 pm on 

Wednesday 15th January 2020 at Nailsworth Subscription Rooms


  Present: Les Haines (LH) (Chair), Tracy Shipp (TS) (Minutes), Fern Bratby (FB), Derek Pitt (DP) 

  Pam Brown (PB), Iain McIvor (IM) Sophie Forster (SF)


   Apologies for absence:  Fred Ashworth (FA) Mike Davis (MD) Mark Peer (MP), Jonathan Duckworth     

  (JD), Deirdre Lister (DL)


 1.   Minutes of Previous meeting of 23rd October 2019: 

      The Minutes having been circulated by e-mail on 26th October were accepted as a true record. 

      Actions: LH as Chair signed the Minutes; PB was asked to add them to our website


2.    Matters Arising which are not on the Agenda: 

  1. Since the last committee meeting 2 vehicles had  parked intermittently on the green lane to the side of the Sub Rooms; LH posted letters to the row of houses adjacent;  2 residents, responded with apologies and removed their vehicles. Subsequently a post and no parking sign have been erected to stop future parking and this action has been successful.
  2. Heritage Open Day will take place nationally on 12th September 2020 this year; the Town Council will participate but after discussion it was agreed that we would not take part this year; competition from Horsley and Minchinhampton Fetes, a Police open day in Gloucester and poor advertising by Nailsworth News, had contributed to a poorer turnout than was hoped for the effort put in. We were fairly happy with our 200 visitors but could have accommodated many more. We may reconsider for the following year.
  3. The Defibrillator discussion did not take place as MP was not present; SF felt that Circus Skills would be willing to contribute towards the costs.
  4. Annual reports to the Charity Commission are awaiting DL final statement.

Action: DL to send LH final figures for him to report online

3.    Approval of Minutes of the AGM 21st November 2019:

       The minutes were circulated by email on the 28th November 2019.

       They were agreed as a true record . 

       Action LH as Chair signed the Minutes; PB to add them to our website


4. Finance/Insurance:

      1)  The budget remains very healthy.

      2) Insurance cover was paid for w.e.f. 5 January for one year.

5. Building Works/Grounds:

1) We have 2 quotes for the proposed stone work, which includes the cracked cornerstones, replacing  mortar in the chimney, repair of broken stone and the platform and support walls. Both companies will be checked and previous work considered. Figures quoted are in the £10K to £12K band.

Action: examples of previous work to be checked by FB, FA and LH before a decision is reached; work to start after frost season is over

2) It is also proposed to take down the old toilet annexe, replace some ventilation piping and later to create  a new fire escape route. Committee members agreed  for this work to proceed and Darren and Ray will be engaged with various aspects of this.



3) It is also proposed to refurbish the ground floor room, which at present has rising damp; it was agreed to look into this and think about future use for the room. The first action is for FB to seek advice from a 

building engineer for dampness solutions. Suggestions for future use included a room for meetings or further workshop space

4) PB continues to tidy up and enhance the rear garden

6. Updates from User Groups:

1) The tennis club has now signed a contract with Joe Waters who becomes their new coach. He is keen to network with local schools and the community. 

2) Phoenix Table Tennis group: IM updated us, commenting that the teams competing in the Stroud League continue to have success and go from strength to strength. LH reports that MD is to stand down from the leadership role with Phoenix to attend to other pressing commitments. He will continue on this committee for the present time.

3) Circus Skills has just started a new term and all is going well. Lil from Giffords Circus has been teaching and this has been a great opportunity.

4) The community workshops continue to host the ‘Men’s Shed’; students in the Chine’ Teenage Men’s Shed’ are making a bench for their school. It has also recently hosted the ‘Repair Café’ part of Stroud Transition group.

7. Bookings:

There are new practice sessions for Ballet  from 7-8am on one morning; Circus Skills now run from 4pm – 7pm four times a week, Tai  continues  and AA on Sundays ( it was noted that Sunday group often leave lights on unnecessarily in the main hall.  Action PB to mention this to the hirer.

8. Safeguarding:

 No issues reported.

9. Business Plan 2020-23:

LH will write up a new business plan. Proposals include the work on the outside of the building; the refurbishment of the ground floor room; an information board for outside the front of the Subscription Rooms. Action: Any further ideas to be sent to LH as soon as possible before he commences the first draft.

10. Health and Safety/Fire Equipment update

Boiler servicing was discussed and this needs to be booked in Action: FB

Fire Equipment is all up to date (DP).

The sensor activated  lights above the disabled toilet is often on when not in use Action: PB to speak to John Hammond

11. Any Other Business

1) Annual Town Meeting will be held on Saturday 25th April 2020 Action: LH and DP to attend



2) PB mentioned that we are paying for 2 website domains, can we cancel the one we do not use? Members agreed

3) Articles for Nailsworth News were discussed and included an article on PhoenixTable Tennis , at the end of the season and a double page centre spread to advertise all user groups, promoting it as  a community hub and showing how people can get involved, perhaps the May edition. Action LH to investigate

4) FB reflected on the meeting last year with Tracy of the Youth club and how young girls are reluctant to get involved with sport; it was initially thought that we could pay for sessions for girl , but after discussion it may be better to advertise ‘bursaries’ for those who need it, to encourage more to come. This is open to future discussion.

5) IM asked for an outstanding cheque to be paid. Action PB sorted this straight away.

12 . Confirmation of 2020 Meeting Schedule:

 All meetings are Wednesdays at 7 30 pm –

 11th March; 6th May; 8th July; 9th September and 18th November (AGM)





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