Reports, Minutes & papers

Nailsworth Youth & Community Enterprise

Minutes of Committee Meeting held at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 17th July 2019 

at Nailsworth Subscription Rooms


          Present: Les Haines (LH) (Acting chair/notes), Pam Brown (PB), Tracy Shipp (TS), 

          Deirdre Lister (DL), Iain McIvor (IM), Derek Pitt (DP), Jonathan Duckworth (JD)


          Apologies for absence: Fred Ashworth (FA), Fern Bratby (FB), Mark Peer (MP), Mike Davies (MD), 

          Alice Watson (AW)           


  1. Minutes of Previous meeting of  5th June 2019: 

The Minutes having been circulated by email on 7th June were accepted as a true record 

Actions: LH as Acting Chair signed the Minutes; PB will add them to our website


  1. Matters Arising which are not on the Agenda: 

     (i)  We now have the complete order of 80 new chairs for the hall and 3 trolley/storage racks; the 

           storage arrangements will be 20 x 3 stacks with 10 free-standing in the designated storage area 

           and a further 10 kept in the upstairs meeting room/cafe; 50 older plastic/metal framed chairs 

          were taken away to a new home on the same day as offered on Freecycle but 20 approx have 

           been retained as extras and are stored in the hall and exterior store;         

     (ii) Proposal to run underground services through the grounds – IM is yet to seek legal advice;

     (iii) Fire alarm sensors in lower stairway – PB has had difficulties getting hold of our electrician (JH) 

           but will persist;

     (iv) Installation of a defibrillator – on hold (MP)

     (v)  Following the briefing from Tracy, Nailsworth’s Youth Leader, at the previous meeting LH has 

           been in contact with a Trustee and an employee of Active Gloucestershire to see whether they   

      can support us in increasing our offer for sports/exercise for young women. Ongoing.

  1. Finance:

 DL had circulated the latest accounts prior to the meeting and we have approx. £46K in hand 

Ruskin Mill are up to date with all payments following their departure. 

  1. Heritage Open Day, 14th September:

LH reported that a planning meeting consisting of FB, TS, PB, IM, FA and LH had been held on 2 July and arrangements were coming together satisfactorily. 

Action: The notes had been circulated to those attendees and they will also be sent to DL and DP for information (done).  

 Further points noted from today’s meeting which will incorporated in the plan:- 

The Town Crier, Tony Evans to be asked to announce the event in the town; LH to speak to him;

Badges for all helpers on the day will be DIY versions but LH will send out a ‘template’ to ensure some consistency of style;

DL is not now available on the day but will make some cakes to be added to the other promises;

TS would like a photo of the old bus for publicity purposes - LH to check with the owner; PB said she may be able to locate one;

Publicity: TS and LH have written up the first item of publicity and initially that will go to Cllr Mike Kelly (by Friday); Katie Jarvis, local journalist, has already started helping us at no charge; TS and LH are now working on the flyer.  


  1. Bookings Update:

Bookings are holding up well; additionally a ballroom dancing group of 15 have booked the hall for Monday evenings until Phoenix start again that evening in September; a women’s interest group have booked a room for Tuesdays; the Circus School has again booked extensively for arranged summer school classes.   

  1. Building Works / Grounds:
    1. Flooring in Workshops: PB says that this work will be deferred for 12 months as no contractor is lined up during the summer break which is the only feasible time to do it.


 (ii)   Improvements to stairway from hall to Workshops: it was suggested and agreed by the 

       meeting to extend the type of floor tiling already used to good effect in the 2 new toilets onto the 

       landing area outside them.

       Action: for information of FB to liaise with DJ for him to do the new works      

            (iii)  Renovation of retaining wall / quoin stones – on hold; PB said that the builder who built the 

                   dividing wall between the Sub’s and The Village, Reuben Foster, is back in the area and she 

                   will try to contact him about estimating for the work;   

      (iv)  Small working parties were  held on 2nd, 9th, 13th, and 15th July by combinations of FB, DP and 

             LH concentrating on furniture in building, disposal of unwanted items to recycling and weeding 

             of front garden and parking area; a new padlock has been attached to the exterior store for its 

            future shared use by Phoenix.  

             Action: LH, FB and LH to arrange further working parties in late July, August and 


      (v)  Enhancement of main foyer: FB (with Workshops support through PB) is re-arranging the foyer 

             by replacing the tops of the 3 small tables and painting them to match and is looking to 

             purchase suitable chairs; the aim is to have 3 small sitting sets positioned to allow free 

             movement and enough room for equipment to be moved from store to hall. Ongoing-FB

      (vi)  Painting of door space to loft – still on LH’s list of tasks!

      (vii) PB said that although the new toilets were very good – there were niggles with 

              inadequate locks on the 2 doors, toilet seats and slight leaks from the heaters;

              Action: for attention of FB to liaise firstly with PB about exact requirements and then 

              with DJ for his attention at the same time as he deals with 6(ii) above.

      (viii) FA had reported to LH by email that he has followed up the request to get estimates for the 

              cleaning of  the masonry on the front elevation and one company will visit the site on 25 July 

              and a second company will be asked to visit soon after. 

  1. Reports from User Groups: 
  1. Phoenix Table-tennis: in the absence of MD, IM said that 2 junior members, Sam McIvor and John Ramsbotham, have won the Cirencester Summer League competition (to the disappointment of Swindon who have won it for many years); 2 members are good enough to compete in the Junior British League; Tom Pownsland has been selected for the England Player Workshop, specialist coaching will take place here on Saturdays.    
  2. Tennis Club: no report for this meeting 
  3. Circus School: they recently arranged a very successful demonstration here also involving the Stroud associates of the School – the hall was very busy with young people, according to PB;  
  4. Community Workshops: PB said that classes break up on Friday; knife-making classes are being held on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings; they succeeded in completing the order for 4 flower planters for the main town gateways in time for the Nailsworth in Bloom judging day; a grocer in Church Street, Tetbury has placed a big order for wooden kitchen products such as spatulas; a discussion was had about where to best keep the large chess pieces for use on the chess table in the garden opposite the premises - shops have been approached with no firm result forthcoming.    
  5. Safeguarding:

 No safeguarding issues have to come to notice since our last meeting. 


  1. Health & Safety / Fire Inspection:

(i)  Fire alarm system & contract – PB reported the contract arrangements worked well recently when  

     there was a fault on the system – she put the call in to the Company who talked her through the  

     resetting procedures on the phone, leading to a quick resolution;

(ii)  Extinguishers – DP reports that all are in order; he will be arranging the annual service next  



  1. Publicity, Website, facebook :

 Website – PB reports that it is up to date including advance notice of the Heritage Open Day 14   September; it was agreed that some of the photos showing the exterior and rooms should be updated and we need to capture photos of the Open Day for the website too; 

Facebook – TS said that she is refreshing this regularly.




  1. Any Other Business:

DL raised the issue of the sale of the Comrades Club and the wish of their existing membership to continue operating the Club by acquiring use of alternative space in appropriate premises in town. The upstairs loft space here has been mooted as a possibility. A lively debate ensued with consideration of the pro’s and con’s of converting the space for such a purpose. Issues raised included accessibility, lack of natural light, a bat colony, impact on other users, deliveries and impact on neighbours. DL said that other premises were also being considered. No NYCE action at this stage.   


  1. Date of Next Meetings:

Wednesday 11th September – 7.30pm 


Saturday 14th September – Heritage Open Day, 10-4 p.m.







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