Reports, Minutes & papers

Nailsworth Youth & Community Enterprise (CIO No: 1161113)


Minutes of Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 10th January 2018

at 7.30pm at Nailsworth Subscription Rooms


Present: Les Haines (Acting Chair/ notes), Jonathan Duckworth, Deirdre Lister, Pete Cluer, Pam Brown, Fern Bratby, Mick Davies, Derek Pitt, Alice Watson, Iain McIvor

Apologies: Tracy Shipp, Fred Ashworth (has restricted mobility and passes on his best wishes to all Trustees)  

Welcome: Les welcomed attendees to the first meeting of 2018.   


  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting of 11th October 2017:

The Minutes having been circulated on 12th October were accepted as an accurate record.

Action: Pam to add to our website.  


  1. Matters Arising which are not on the Agenda:
  1. Item 5v: The front car-park spaces have been successfully painted and rusted manhole cover replaced with new. Long overdue invoice for drainage work also received from same company and all bills paid by us. Fern thanked for finally getting a result on this.
  2. Item 5vi: Pam reports that the new wooden side-gates are well under construction in the workshops and should be complete by March; everyone is keen to see them installed.
  3. Item 5vii: Iain reported progress on the CCTV installation: supporting post, camera, light and cabling installed; a glitch with connectivity caused by rain will hopefully be rectified in the next week; public CCTV notices will be placed in prominent positions outside the premises before the system goes live; Les also to be given monitoring access; Iain outlined the strict protocol that accompanies use of CCTV to monitor private property.
  4. Item 5viii: Work on the trees in the green lane all actioned in early December at a total cost of £1140. Derek was thanked for ensuring completion of the work on target. 

      Action: Derek to invoice Tennis Club for agreed contribution of £150

  1. Item 5ix: The grounds management plan in October produced by Les and Derek was again referred to and formally agreed (added to these Minutes as Appendix 1).   

Associated Action: in order to clear space at the rear, the raft will be dismantled and the 8 blue plastic barrels can be stored on Iain’s land. Pam to arrange with workshops staff. 

  1. Item 10: Meeting approved the Minutes of the AGM held on 29 November. 

      Action: to be added to our website by Pam.

viii) The new woodstore: (considered at previous meetings) is largely complete except for 

        its felt roof which will be added soon. A clematis climber will soon be planted close by it.


  1. Finance / Insurance:

i)   Deirdre had circulated the latest accounts which showed funds of £24,319.56.  

ii)  Fern has successfully negotiated insurance cover at a similar cost to last year but with   

     enhanced cover (for loss of business etc.). 

iii) Review of Leases:

Tennis Club: The lease has many years to run and is not due for review but the annual rent is. Action: Les and Deirdre will confer and then make a rent suggestion to the Tennis Club.  

Workshops: Fern and Deidre have completed their review with the help of a rent valuation from Andrew Watton & co. Pam and Gavin have assisted the process. The extent of the space used, sub-letting, Pam’s unpaid contribution to the running of the facility (bookings etc.) and use of a car parking space were carefully considered. The outcome is an increased rent to £4,250. Les thanked the four key people involved in achieving an amicable result. Action: Deirdre to bring the old lease up to date to take account of the agreement made.


  1. Bookings:
  • Pam reports that bookings are healthy although Ruskin’s movement classes which took up two afternoon sessions have ceased this term.
  • Pam is excited that a booking has been made for an Animal Communication event (telepathy with dead animals)!
  • Two local tutors have approached us to run an English Conversation Club to benefit adults of the area to gain confidence speaking in English. They have no funding for this but a solution has been found for them to make a start through Les securing the sum of £50 as a charitable donation; this should allow them 10 x 1 hourly sessions; subsequent charging to be reviewed dependent on outcomes.  

Action: Pam to progress this booking. 


  1. Building Works / Grounds:
  1. Stairwell lighting: not completed but in hand although our electrician, Jon, is snowed under with work;
  2. The storage area (old gents WC): Pam has at last received a quote from Robert Hancock to refurbish and re-equip the disused toilet block between Hall and lower ground floor;

Fern said that it would be wise to inspect and if necessary repair the roof of that sector before any work is undertaken below.

Action: meeting agreed that although it was good to get a ball-park figure of likely costs this subject needs further consideration – the roof to be inspected and any necessary remedial work carried out; a further look will be made to establish what is the best way to improve this facility; taking advice from Deirdre it was agreed that for this work to progress it had to be funded through grant(s). See fund-raising item 7 below.   

  1. Decoration of the whole stairwell area to be done by Trustee volunteers in the coming months;
  2. Working Parties will be required in the next three months but the dates will be arranged on an ad hoc basis dependent on the availability of volunteers. The focus will be on painting tasks – stairwell and hall. 
  3. Mike pointed out that he recently noted and had to deal with a flood of tap-water from the men’s toilet area because someone had left a tap running. Our water-bills are high enough anyway!

Action: it was agreed to install self-closing taps in ladies and men’s toilet cubicles. Iain/Fern to action. 

  1. All agreed that the cigarette-butt bucket at the side entrance was not ideal and a proper piece of equipment should be sourced.

     Action: Les (who has not smoked one single cigarette in his whole life) will look 

     into this.


  1. Reports from User Groups:
  1. Tennis Club: Pete reports that Club activities have proceeded well over the past few months; the Club is looking for a part-time coach to support Phil Sims (who is not in the first flush of youth); a company has been employed at a cost of about £5K to carry out remedial work on the courts hoping to extend the life of the existing surfaces and ward off more costly works for another 4-5 years. 
  2. Phoenix Table-tennis: Mike reports that the league season is progressing well with many matches being played in our hall.  
  3. Circus skills – Alice reports that she is very busy with new classes; an acquaintance is looking into a ‘structure’ class here but there are issues of safety and storage capacity which may be insurmountable. Also some circus skills themed birthday parties are due soon. 


  1. Workshops: Pam reports the Spring term has just started; demand for Men’s Club places exceeds space available – in the ideal world another class is needed but that is not feasible at present with the resources currently available. About 120 people use the works-shops in an average week. A team from Tetbury is to visit soon to check on best practice here as they wish to establish a Men’s Shed in their own town.


  1. Fund-raising:

i) Fern has a contact with the Postcode Lottery and will enquire about a grant for new chairs/ toilet  block.

ii) Pam and Les will look at applying to the Barnwood Trust again.


  1. Health & Safety / Annual Fire Safety Inspection:

Derek reports that fire safety inspections are up to date and all equipment is in order.

He added that a new book is needed for users to book in.

Action: Editor’s note – who is going to get one?


9)  Publicity and Website Update:

i)  Tracy has recently put new photos and information on our facebook page.

ii)  Les and Derek will work on an ‘advert’ to go into the Library and TIC seeking more help for

the Charity by members of the community.


10)  Any Other Business:

i) Jonathan reported that the Town Council was looking to run another voluntary and

community event in the Spring probably in the town centre rather than the Town Hall in an

effort to attract   more  visitors.

Action: NYCE would like to take part and looks forward to an invitation once plans

are firmed up by NTC.

ii) Iain touched on the issues surrounding a satellite badger sett on his land and its proximity

to the tennis courts and to the proposed Tanners Piece development site.


There being no further business the Acting Chair closed the meeting.


  1. Date of Next Meetings:


  • 7.30 pm Wednesday 21 February
  • 7.30pm Wednesday 28 March
  • 7.30pm Wednesday 9th May
  • 7.30pm Wednesday 20 June