Reports, Minutes & papers

Committee Meeting to Follow for Urgent Business Only

---- AGENDA ----

  1. The Minutes of the Previous Meeting held Wednesday 27th September 2023 

These were agreed and PB will publish them on the website.

  1. Matters Arising:

Solar Panels

There has been no time to evaluate the panels and we should wait until the workshop panels have been installed for impact.  Both sets of panels will be combined to sell electricity to the grid.  Octopus will supply a new tariff to sell the electricity.

Monkey Tree

This is awaiting  tree surgeons advice, as it’s stability is in question.

Billy Bragg Gig

LH and DP have assessed the hall using fire regulation guidance and it can hold 150 people for the event.

Fire Safety

There needs to be some small remedial work done to ensure safety, including a diagram of awitches for future use

New trip switches and circuit breakers


The window painting needs finishing FB to find quotes , JD to send FB the details of a decorator.

The ladies toilet needs some plastering FB to organise

These items were given the go ahead at the meeting. 

  1. Any Other Urgent Business: 

There was no other important business.

The 2024 schedule will be sent out shortly (LH)




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