Reports, Minutes & papers

Nailsworth Youth & Community Enterprise 

Minutes of Committee Meeting held at 8.00pm on Tuesday 10th July 2018

at Nailsworth Subscription Rooms 

Present: Les Haines (acting Chair), Deirdre Lister (Treasurer), Pam Brown, Fred Ashworth, Fern   

               Bratby, Mick Davies, Derek Pitt

Apologies: Jonathan Duckworth (Town Council Meeting), Tracy Shipp, Alice Watson, Mike Davies, 

                    Iain McIvor (business commitments)

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting of 9th May 2018:

The Minutes having been circulated on 15th May were accepted as an accurate record. 

Action: Pam to add the Minutes to our website  

  1. Matters Arising which are not on the Agenda:
  1. Pam reported continuing progress on the new wooden side-gates (90% complete) but now thinks they will not be installed until September;
  2. Action has been taken by Fern, Deirdre, Derek, Pam and Les in support of Nailsworth in Bloom which will be judged on 11 July, viz. the small front garden has been dug and planted with flowers; weeds and litter have been removed from the grounds, more flower pots have been planted out and windows cleaned by Cotswold Window Cleaners. The high temperatures have meant a great deal of watering has been necessary to save the new flowers. Looking around it is obvious that the communal effort has made the town centre more attractive and it is good that NYCE has played its part;
  3. Safeguarding – no issues have been brought to attention since our last meeting;
  4. Barnwood Trust grant application – Les reported that there has been a hold-up because the disability access adviser to Barnwood has reservations about the proposed toilet facility only being accessible via a flight of stairs (albeit with a stairlift); an alternative space on the ground floor has been explored but this has its drawbacks as it is internal and is currently taken up with PI equipment; Les, Fern and Pam will work with Barnwood’s representative, Tanya Kirby, to get a resolution in order that the promised £10k grant is secured; 
  5. General Data Protection Regulations – since the last meeting Iain has produced three data protection notices which have been placed on our website; they can be read on the Privacy page under the headings of ‘CCTV’, ‘website user’ and ‘website enquiry’;
  6. Utility Bills – Fern has negotiated a good deal with Opus to greatly reduce our rates although she has had problems with BG in the transfer process; the new contract is for 24 months; she is thanked for her efforts.         
  1. Finance:

i)  Deirdre has circulated by e-mail her up- to-date accounts which show current assets of     

    £40,088.45; this includes a much welcome donation from the Workshops following on from their 

    receipt of a large donation from a charitable trust which allows them to continue and expand their 

    offer to clients (see also Item 6 iv below); 

ii) She has found that we have signatories on the bank account which are no longer connected to 

     the charity and she will have to arrange a new bank mandate;

      iii) The fine-tuning of the Workshops lease is complete and annual rental agreed but it still needs to 

            be signed off. Action: Treasurer, acting Chair and PI.


  1. Bookings Update:
  1. Pam reports that the bookings situation remains healthy; it now looks as if Ruskin want Thursday afternoons as well as Mondays and Fridays; a children’s music group is being set up; there is currently one weekly choir session and another is a possibility soon.
  2. Building Works / Grounds:
  3. Working parties: Derek, Fern and Les will confer regarding the next working parties which will include attention to the garden near the side entrance and the expanding buddleia bushes at the rear (once they have lost their flowers); other tasks will also be prioritised as required. 
  4. The mini-kitchen project (under the stairs from the foyer) is gathering momentum - Fern and Pam have selected suitable second-hand units from Tanners Piece (courtesy of SDC) both for installing in this space and in the workshops; a new kitchen worktop will need to be purchased as none is suitable from the site; as agreed at the previous meeting Darren James (DJ) has been contracted to carry out the installation. Action by Fern; 
  5. Although the toilet project is ‘on hold’ we are still going ahead with repairs to the flat roof in that zone. Fern will oversee the work by the same contractor;  
  6. Paintwork in main hall. Les will be meeting Kelvin Rodway (KR) on site on 16 July to estimate for this work;
  7. Decoration of cafe/meeting room was then discussed and it was agreed it needed updating – walls, ceiling, replace sofa, new curtains/rails; as a first step Les will also get an estimate from KR for the decorating; 
  8. New chairs for hall – on hold.  

    Reports from User Groups:
  9. Phoenix Table-tennis Club: no report on this occasion; 
  10. Tennis Club: Pete reports that the Club is currently very active with league matches, social tennis etc.; they have advertised for and recruited another coach, Steve, who will work with 12/13 yr olds on Sundays mornings in 3-hour sessions; the building development has started at Tanners Piece i.e. security fencing is up;   
  11. Circus skills: No report from Alice but it is known that classes are very busy;  
  12. Workshops: Pam reported that the donation previously mentioned will be used for such items as student bursaries, new machinery, storage units, salary uplift, replacement kitchen (for which an additional hot water supply is required); also another tutor is being considered; the workshops are very busy – even extending into the occasional evening session; Craig has completed his move out of the workshops to set up his independent harp-making business at Woodchester – we wish him well.     
  13. Fund-raising:

Les reported there are no new fund-raising initiatives in the pipeline but this will be re-visited once the Barnwood issue is sorted out.

  1. Health & Safety / Fire Safety Inspection:

i)   Derek reports that he has carried out his monthly checks of the fire safety equipment.

ii)  Meeting then discussed: procedures for fire detection alarm tests, call-out arrangements when 

     the fire alarm is activated and the higher costs involved in any newly-negotiated out of hours call-

     out contract. It was firmly established that the last Electrical Installation & Condition Report was 

     carried out in February 2105 (invoiced 3 February 2015) and Jon Hammond of Stroud Electrical

     Solutions has the report.

     Action: i) City Fire Solutions are lined up to do the annual inspection of the fire-fighting 

     equipment in August - Derek. 

     ii) Fern and Pam to continue to liaise with Jon Hammond regarding any faults in the 

     system and subsequent call-outs;   

     Editor’s note – after the meeting Derek circulated an email giving more detail on this topic.

9.   Publicity and Website Update:

      Pam reports that our website is up to date. NB. Tracy always appreciates fresh Facebook material.

10. Any Other Business:

  1. The large extractor unit and flexible flue in the outside store have been found a permanent home and will be removed soon – Pam;
  2. A generous donation of hardly- used electric powered gardening equipment has been made by Jeff Greenway (who has been associated with the building for many decades), viz. a garden shredder, hedge trimmer and leaf vacuum cleaner. Les has collected the items and thanked Jeff on NYCE’s behalf. They will be kept in the afore-mentioned store.   


 11. Dates of Future Meetings:

  • The meeting scheduled for 25th July is CANCELLED;