Reports & Minutes

Appendix B

NYCE Business Plan 2017 – 2020

Second 6-monthly Monitoring Report, 28th March 2018

What we have done in this period:- 

Section 3.3 Maintenance of Building and Grounds

  • Made the numbering and marking of the front parking spaces much clearer for users
  • Produced a grounds management plan to describe the areas of responsibility for the maintenance of the various parts of NYCE’s outdoor spaces and paths
  • Installed a CCTV camera and movement sensor to enable monitoring of the building’s main side door entrance and main pathway; plus the necessary public surveillance site signage and data protection registration
  • The Community Workshops have constructed and erected a timber- drying store near workshops 
  • Held various working parties for inside and outside tasks
  • Engaged a tree surgeon to carry out heavy pruning / removal of mature trees along ‘green’ lane adjacent to the tennis courts
  • Performed monthly fire equipment checks and repaired and tested the building’s fire alarm system
  • Fitted self-closing taps in the ladies and gents WC’s to avoid wasting water
  • Fitted movement sensitive lighting for the stairwell between lower ground floor and hall
  • We are in the process of getting estimates to create a new unisex disabled toilet facility between the lower ground floor and the hall; the project will include new windows, heating, lighting and remedial roof repairs  

Section 3.5 Marketing and Charity Development

  • Added further material to our Facebook page
  • Updated our website on a frequent basis
  • Created an A5 size ‘advert’ flier seeking more help for the Charity- for placing in Nailsworth Town Information Centre and Library and for the Town Meeting 
  • Prepared for the Annual Town Meeting for local organisations in its changed format on 28 April 

  Section 3.6 Finance and Income Generation

  • We have reviewed Nailsworth Tennis Club’s annual rent. The review was overdue and agreement was reached with NTC for a ‘clawing back’ of arrears from previous years (which was not the fault of NTC). The next review is due in early 2019 for the following 3 financial years
  • We have also reviewed the Community Workshops’ lease and after disclosure of the issues have raised the annual rent to a mutually agreed amount; the lease which is being re-drafted will be for a further seven years
  • The level of room hire remains positive and at the present time regular users consist of the following: Ruskin Mill drama students, Phoenix table-tennis with their nine League teams, visiting League players and weekly training sessions, badminton, School of Larks circus skills lessons, a local Narcotics Anonymous group, strings orchestra practice sessions, two community choirs, harp orchestra and English conversation lessons 
  • In recent months we have also hired out space for numerous parties, an animal communication demonstration evening and ukele practice
  • Regular Comedy Club evenings are held in the Workshops
  • Engaged with Barnwood Trust and have been given approval to bid for a grant to part-fund about 4/5ths of the costs of the proposed disabled unisex toilet.