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Minutes of Committee Meeting held on  Wednesday 11th January 2017 

at 7.30pm at Nailsworth Subscription Rooms


Present: Les Haines (Acting Chair), Jonathan Duckworth (NTC), Deirdre Lister, Derek Pitt, Iain McIvor, Mick Davies, Pam Brown 


Apologies: Pete Cluer, Fern Bratby, Fred Ashworth, Tracey Shipp and Alice Watson (circus skills) who has accepted our invitation to be co-opted onto the team. 


Welcome: Les welcomed all to the first meeting of 2017 and since the AGM. All of us wish Fred a swift recovery after a spinal operation which he expects to undergo next week.  

  1. Minutes of AGM 10th November 2016:
  • Minutes previously circulated and approved at the meeting.

           Action: Pam to place minutes on our website.

  • Deirdre and Fern have liaised and submitted the Annual Return & Accounts for 2015/16 to the Charity Commission (CC) and it will soon be viewable to the public.

          Action: Pam to place on our website. Les to update Trustees’ list on CC’s website.

  • The Chair position remains vacant; future meetings will be conducted with a ‘rolling’ chairmanship until the position is filled.
  1. Finance:

Deirdre had circulated a finance update prior to the meeting and reports a healthy balance which allows some further costed improvements to the building.

Insurance renewal: Fern has negotiated with the broker and renewed our insurance at a premium of £1370 which is similar to 2016.

Action: Outstanding rent - Ruskin Mill have not yet paid for the sessions for the new academic year and similar for The Village (under new ownership) for parking spaces since September. Deirdre and Pam will confer and invoice both parties. 

  1. Bookings:
  • Pam reported a healthy bookings situation with some limited scope for extra sessions during the week and weekend;
  • there is insufficient changeover time built in for the Monday sessions of yoga, badminton and table tennis so start times will have to be adjusted;   
  • a Spanish language group has booked for 5 Friday mornings and may book more; 
  • Ruskin Mill now uses the building on Monday (all day) and Tuesday and Wednesday mornings;
  • A new mathematics tutoring group meets on Thursdays;
  • A science party is booked for Saturday afternoon (14th);
  • The Comedy Club evening on 19 November was a great success with a full house and a £125 booking fee paid; it is likely to be repeated. 

Action: Pam and Fern are in the process of reviewing charges by contact with regular users and they intend to meet everyone to get consistency in the charging policy and build up relationships.    

  1. Building works:
  • Plans have been drawn up professionally by Dan Stewart for the building of additional storage space off the main hall by creating a platform to the left of the first set of steps, still allowing for sufficient headroom and unobstructed passage to lower ground floor and emergency egress.



Action: Trustees sanctioned the proposal and asked Fern to obtain 3 written quotes  

for the work for them to be considered at the next meeting before the work 


  • Meeting then discussed future decoration plans and it was agreed that improvement was needed in the main hall, the stairwell from hall to lower ground floor, the lobby to workshops and, to a lesser extent, the coffee bar; where necessary anti-mould attention will be required before painting as there is a ventilation issue in various places especially higher up the walls of the hall. 
  • The height of the hall means that the work is best done by a professional contractor. The stairwell can be decorated after the storage building work is completed; the coffee bar could again be done by volunteers. Any work in the lobby can wait until the end of the year.  

           Action: As a first step, Les will get some ‘ballpark’ figures for the hall and              

           stairwell. The ventilation problem requires further discussion for remedies to be 


  • Pam reported that the new porch often has condensation on the glass in these colder months; also the guttering has had to be repaired by the contractor because of buckling; rainwater still hangs around as the gutter has insufficient drop.

Action: Wall abutting the steps to be dry-lined in the Spring.  

  • A small section of facing stone by the porch which was already in a poor state of repair has been further damaged by contact with a vehicle.

          Action: Mick to repair using spare stone already on site

  • Les circulated a long list of the improvements to the building since the programme started and up to December. The list is also on the website for all to see and is a credit to the team.

 User Group Reports:

  • Tennis Club: no report for this meeting;
  • Practical Intelligence: back into full activity after the Christmas break with good numbers in the various classes; a reorganisation of the workshops space is well underway; examples of finished products are on display in the new porch;
  • Phoenix Table-tennis: no problems to report in the middle of the league season where the teams are doing well.  
  1. Safeguarding procedures: 

Recent national historical events regarding the actions of football coaches have prompted a review of the safeguarding procedures for regulated activity with vulnerable groups by our user groups and trustees’ obligations in the management of the building. An information sheet from GRCC on the subject was circulated to trustees on 9th January. Since then, Alice (circus skills) and Pam (PI) have provided their policies. Pete at the Tennis Club has been asked for theirs and. NYCE has its own written guidelines but it likely that our hiring agreement needs to be amended to ensure that correct actions by users is made more explicit.  

Action: Les will continue gathering information including Phoenix TT’s policy and will work with a small working group (Pam, Tracey, Pete?) to establish best practice.      

  1. Fundraising: 

No funding bids are in the pipeline at present. Deirdre may be able to speak to Chris Pockett, Renishaw’s community engagement lead about financial support for NYCE.  

  1. Health & safety:

Derek reported that he continues his monthly checks of fire prevention equipment and all appears in order; the annual inspection is not due until July.


Action: Derek will arrange for John Hammond to check the fire alarm system. He will also re-position the stowage place for the portable ramp in the entrance hall and sign it appropriately; it was also agreed that he can purchase a suitable broom for use outside. 

  1. Publicity and website update:

Pam is keeping the website up to date with fresh items where appropriate.

Nailsworth News (with Jonathan’s extra input) published a post-AGM item on page 3 of the December edition; this included the plea:-

Following the AGM, there is a vacancy for one more trustee. Although no specific skills are required, the committee is looking for an enthusiastic individual who can help to manage and sustain one of Nailsworth’s greatest assets. If you are interested, why not come along to the next management meeting at the Subscription Rooms on Wednesday 11th January 2017?” A contact number was included.


There has been no response to this item thus far.  

  1. Any other business:

i) Les reported that he has started to write a new Business Plan for 2017-2020 as our existing one was for 2010-2013 (and he has nothing better to do in the depths of winter!). The new one will build on the success of the previous one and use some of its background content but will be briefer. It will include references to a review of leases, partnership development, a schedule of further improvements to the fabric of the building, hiring agreements to include safeguarding    

Actions: Any additional items that members would like to be added to the Plan to be notified to Les soonest (bearing in mind this is for a 3yr period); late entry from Pam – free up storage space (old toilets block) and create a new toilet suite; existing single toilet space to be gutted, insulated and converted to storage cupboard.  

Pam to proof-read draft before presentation (hopefully) at February’s meeting. 


ii) Members reported an increase in anti-social behaviour in the past few months as evidenced by broken glass and vomit on the path to the side entrance and glass vessels left lying around. It is not clear whether this is connected with patrons to The Village or outside groups. 

Actions: Any member who can pinpoint the cause should share this with others so that appropriate action may be taken which may include complaining to the Police. It may be worthwhile to erect a gate at the corner of workshops (old garage) to indicate it is private property although it is accepted that the gate would not be locked because of the amount of legitimate access required by users. 


11. Meeting schedule for early 2017

  • 7-30pm Wednesday 15th February 2017 (Les to chair)
  • 7-30pm Wednesday 29th March 2017 (Chair?); apologies received from Jonathan 
  • 7-30pm Wednesday 10th May 2017 (Iain to chair)