Tai Chi

Tai Chi  

Tai Chi is used by many as a martial art form. Others use it as meditation healing the mind, body and soul. By practicing Tai Chi you can relieve stress, calm nerves and improve your physical movements, strength and balance. Tai Chi leads to better overall health and because of this versatility it is known as the supreme exercise system.

The concept of Tai Chi's slow flowing movements can be practised by any age and for longer than most other forms of exercise. It is practiced by millions around the world and for good reason, it works!

Chi Gong (energy work) which is generally practiced along side Tai Chi, will also to a lesser extent, be practiced in this class.

Craig has studied for nearly ten years in Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan with Sifu Ian Orkin. He continues to study with Ian regulary in London.                 

Having been a Qualified Personal Trainer for a very long time, he has studied other Martial Arts, including Ju-Jitsu and Hung Fut Kung Fu.      

Craig has practiced other types of meditation including Ana-pana breathing and Vipassanā.                                                                                                      
He also studies Magui Baguazhang. Another type of internal martial art, with Li Baohua.

Classes are Monday 1-2

£8 drop-in or £25 for the month.

To book classes or for more information contact:                       Ph: 0794 224 0034    taichistroud@gmail.com